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LALA WORLD – Currently, there are still people who have not had access in banking. Because of this lack of access, more people are hard-pressed to make payments fast, money transfers or transactions in cyberspace. However, now don’t worry a project-based blockchain named Lala World provide products – products that make it easy for you to do this activity. Curious with Lala World? Let’s read the following short reviews.
Get To Know Lala World

Lala World is an ecosystem for a person who belongs to the unbanked, starting from immigrants to your immediate family. Our ecosystem not only revolves around financial concerns but we also collect community – community level below, provide a solution to the problem of using technologies that are useful to gather all the men in one container. Lala World also makes new financial ecosystem by utilizing blockchain to connect the gap between cash money, digital world and crypto.

Lala World is a one-stop wallet based on the ethereum and hyperledger blockchain can invite investors to capitalize on the rise of the blockchain and also invite unbanked people into existing financial ecosystem. We utilise ecosystems peer-to-peer to reach our goal, namely revolutionized the way a person, small entrepreneurs/micro in conducting transactions, payments, lending money, insurance on bank – a bank there.
Products Of Lala World
For project progress Lala World provides products in our financial ecosystem.
1. Lala Wallet
Is the wallet for all financial services ecosystem Lala World. You will be presented a couple of rechargeable options and cash, financial fiat currency and some crypto. With just a touch of your finger, you can already get money transfer services, money lending, and credit cards.
2. Lala ID
Lala Your Wallet will be used if you already have a digital identity in our community, here’s Lala ID. Our goal is to provide a digital identity for unbanked and immigrants.
3. Lala Transfer
This product is to support a more solid experience with a better network. Lala will Transfer more efficient and cheaper and faster in terms of global payments.
4. Lala Lends
You can ask a micro loan funds, which will be supported by the investors, and we also work closely with the Government to provide loan funding capabilities.
5. Lala Card
If you already have a Lala Wallet, then you can also order the Lala Card, a physical and a virtual debit card.
6. Lala Kit
Lala Kit can be for everyone. Micro business, wholesale stores, unbanked or immigrants, could buy Lala Kit in a nearby store and directly linked to the financial system directly. Without the integration of the bank, without filling out the form and without queues, with just enough to enable ID and synchronize with your smartphone.

Lala World Tokens and ICO
In order to develop our projects, we provide a token like project – project blockchain more. Lala World using token-based Token called LALA ERC20. As for 1000 Tokens Lala is equivalent to 1 ETH. And we intend to collect as much – the number 150,000 Aether. We divide the ICO Lala World into two stages. Pre-sale of ICO, which took place from November 15, 2017 until 10 December 2017. For Feedback and Review will take place from 11 to 31 December 2017. As for the ICO Summit events will take place as per January 5, 2018 and ending on 5 February 2017. And you can buy our token with Ether, BTC, LTC and other crypto currency.
We provide a token with a large amount of 250 million token i.e. Lala. Our goal is none other than to collect 150,000 ETH to develop our projects, and support activities – other activities. So a total of 150 million token Lala will be distributed to you, who would like to participate in our projects become investors.
For those of you who joined in the first stage of Lala World ICO i.e. stage pre-sale, you will be given an extra bonus. 25% bonus will be given to you, the investor who joined on 15 to 20 January 2017. If you joined on 21 to 25 November 2017, you will get a bonus of 12.5%. An additional bonus is 6.25%, if you join on 26 and ended on November 30, 2017. And who joined in the last period, don’t get discouraged, you will earn a bonus of 3,125%. For example, if you invest between 15 and 20 November 2017 of 50 ETH, you will get 50,000 tokens Lala plus 12,500 token which is a bonus 25% because you joined in the first period. Then total Your Lala token at this moment be 62,500 token. Interesting isn’t it? So why do you still hesitate to invest with us?
Token Distribution Of Lala World

As explained earlier, a total of 150 million token Lala will be distributed to you, who would like to participate in our projects become investors. The Division of the token as follows:
• 60% of the total number of tokens that we make will be issued at the time the ICO takes place.
• 15% of the total of token that we make will be allocated to a co-founder of Lala World, investors first, and technology teams.
• 10% of the total of token will be used to finance the Advisory, the consultant and the founder of the community.
• 15% of the total existing token will be stored and not sold. This token will be available as an additional mechanism for the sale of the token.
• In addition, we will buy back the token Exchange Lala and the open market using 20% of the transaction cost of Lala Wallet.

Team Lala World

Sankalp Shangari-Founder & CEO
Ranjit Kumar-Chief Revenue Officer
Prakash Somosundram-Strategy and Corporate Development
Ravi Pandit-Head of Remittances
The Jury Kopotko-Chief Technology Officer
Cheng Wei Ng-Legal & Compliance
ARI Paul-co-founder of BlockTower Capital, Angel Investor
Luke Sully-Hyperledger, Blockchain Expert
Thomas McAlister-Blockchain Magician, BanKoin Reserve Several Patents
Han Kyul Park-X BosCoin, Blockchain Enterpreneur
Ajay Bhatia-Chairman, Innovation Largest Wings Remittance Network
Nitin Bhatia-Director Bridgelink Advisors, Tata Capital

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