LANEAXIS – Establishing and Enforcing New Shipment Verification Stand

Laneaxis – Patented technology designed to connect buyers directly to companies carriers, providing both the visibility of the goods online and active control of each shipment, as well as the reduction Costly intermediaries.
Laneaxis now builds a blockchain solution for transforming the transport industry. Virtual Freight Management is a patented technology to improve the delivery industry and complete control of your own cargo. Blockchain Technology offers a unique opportunity for the freight and logistics industry to create an intersectoral platform that can be used jointly between operators, shippers, carriers, regulators and End users for mutual benefit. On the basis of the blockchain, the instant payment of services at delivery is established.
Customers can track routes, see delays, and estimate delivery time up to a minute. In addition, the application of the General Fund in the industry will allow implementing an adapted application Laneaxis, which can embody improvements in supply chains, which still surpassed the capabilities of individual companies. Laneaxis solution solves this costly and complex problem. Each delivery is built on the ZAVERSHAEMYH smart contracts itself, with all business rules and requirements encoded in the document and securely nested in the immutable Laneaxis register. Therefore, if the shipper changes its business rules or contract requirements, this information is automatically thrown into the network of the carrier. In this case, the carriers will have to comply with the new rules or be automatically excluded.

The blockchain ecosystem of Laneaxis is designed to bring together interested parties in the field of transportation. The convenience of this project is that the third party is withdrawn from the chain between the customer and the executor. This affects both the speed of execution of the order and its safety and cost. Much will be similar to the actions performed by traditional agencies and with what is offered on the relevant sites, but much comes from modern technology.
The Laneaxis project optimizes and protects numerous processes in the transport and logistics industry. For example, the use of smart contracts will be one of the innovations introduced. Also for simplification of actions and focus within the framework of this project the mobile application will be developed which will be supported both by System Android, and IOS.
Being technologically equipped, the Laneaxis project will reduce all possible costs, which significantly reduces the cost of services.
As a virtual network, Laneaxis will be available in 24/7 format for 365 days a year.
The project itself was born in 2014. That’s when the main team, which is now successfully leading this project, gathered. In 2015, the development and beta testing of the system were conducted.
The year 2016 was marked by meetings with the main carriers, tests were conducted on the use of the Proof of delivery system in real time. 2017: Formation of budo Inc., the formation of the BUDBO team, the launch of the BUDBO project.
The main event of 2018 will be the launch of the ICO project, obtaining a patent for platform optimization, as well as carrying out a large-scale marketing campaign within the framework of the Laneaxis project.
A detailed map of the project, scheduled up to 2022 is posted on the project website, as well as in the White Paper.
The official currency of the Laneaxis project is the AXIS token. You must be the owner of this token to log on to the project platform. You can buy it for digital currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, etc. The sales start is scheduled for June 1, 2018. The sales are completed on December 21, 2018. Information about the value of tokens and bonus programs is available on the project website.

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