Level01 – Peer to Peer (P2P) Derivatives Exchange

LEVEL01 is a decentralized P2P exchanger that allows investors to directly trade option contracts without the intervention of an intermediary or broker. An excellent opportunity to significantly save on the Commission, which is mandatory when attracting a third party.

LEVEL01 combines the technology of DLT with Blokchejnom and artificial intelligence (AI), allowing to perform a dynamic assessment of fair value. Analysis for counterparties based on current and retrospective market data.
The platform is intended for effective elimination of all forms of disagreement in the work of the user, present in usual or cryptocurrency exchanges, such as:

Labor-intensive deposits/withdrawals;
Security problems of the purse;
All this together will allow investors to concentrate fully on trading activities.

The LEVEL01 platform promotes transparency and fairness and is designed to ensure the most effective level of trade in the market for retail and commercial investors.

Peer Exchange (P2P) trading involves the participation of two parties interacting with each other in the execution of trade transactions. As a third party is not involved, the circumstances of a party’s failure to perform a trade transaction may arise.

Trade through an intermediary is effective but provides investors and their funds with other types of risk, such as excessive transaction fees, delayed seizures, market manipulation, broker trading versus clients, or exchange attacks.
LEVEL01 uses intelligent contracts and technology to block automatic P2P trading payments by effectively addressing the challenges of trust and failure, allowing investors to circumvent the negative aspects of centralized brokerage.

Investors choose the category of assets in which they are interested, for example, Forex or cryptocurrency;
Trade in investors by issuing option contracts in the markets using the following parameters: “EXPIRY”, “STRIKE PRICE”, “POSITION”, “TOTAL VALUE”; Or select an existing contract with an option;
When an option contract is mapped to a business partner, all parameters are sent to the LEVEL01 intellectual contract on the blockchain. The intellectual contract is granted permission from both parties to fulfill the trade agreement upon expiry of the option contract.

The LEVEL01 architecture uses blockchain technology to perform automated trading calculations and allows you to make a profit immediately. These operations are carried out impartially, independently using mini-programs in the blockchain Ethereum, called smart contracts.

Fair sense is a basic LEVEL01 technologydeveloped using cross-stream Analytics, which is usually available only to institutional organizations.

Fair sense automatically helps investors to assess the fair value of the contracts they are seeking to trade and continually updates their bid or bid price for the implied value, thereby offering a fair The cost for both sides of the transaction, which is accurately adjusted every second of the current market conditions.

Fair sense algorithms observe and alternate cross-market variables in real time in the most liquid financial markets, which provide the most stable market prices, allowing investors to trade consistently, providing Improved liquidity and price detection on the peer Exchange level01.

The internal token serves as a means for a transparent and just settlement of the blockchain, as it can be processed/automated by intelligent contracts and paid to the bidders in a programmatic manner.

Tokens LVX can also be “placed” by investors for the hosting of commercial premises, where you can make group purchases, and investors get a commission for the organization of trade. Set up tokens that, after expiration, reimburse a reasonable contract.

Value Store:
The LVX token provides the use of block assets as a repository in the LEVEL01 financial ecosystem.
Means of exchange:
The token facilitates payments between investors as a standard exchange operating currency at level 01.
Limited reserve:
Predefined fixed token delivery will help increase and increase demand for deficits as the subscriber base grows.
The digital nature of the marker provides transparency and reliability of interaction with the blockchain for automatic calculation.

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