LOLIGO – Safest and Most Advanced ICO Crowdfunding Platform

Loligo is a secure and advanced platform for ICO back input. It offers the creation of tokens through LCC smart contracts. Loligo ensures fair distribution of funds on the basis of milestones and voting of participants. Platform Loligo offers all the necessary tools for a successful and professional ICO. Loligo is the safest and most advanced ICO image processing platform. Loligo offers the creation of tokens through LCC smart contracts. It ensures a fair distribution of funds based on the participants ‘ milestones and votes. Platform Loligo offers all the necessary tools for a successful and professional ICO.

The coin Loligo (LLG) is a coin from which only 16 million of them will be mined for the ICO. The big advantage of LLG is that it is a true repository, similar to bitcoin. The total amount of the LLG coin will be 150 million and the amount is set. The shortage of coins ensures that the return on investment will be guaranteed in the medium and long-term.

The introduction of a contract with limited value LLC, Loligo will allow investors to vote for the results of the ICO Launcher. In extreme cases, when the results of the voting are negative, the ICO project will be terminated and the funds will be returned to investors. This gives control to investors. This mechanism will force the ICO launcher to keep up with its commitments as stated in the roadmap, making the ICO investment more secure than ever.

With a pool of experience created as a result of team creation, there is no doubt that the team will achieve its goals and provide the promised products/checkpoints along with a certain level of success. The team has the necessary skills and experience in terms of technology and its “implementations”, so it increases reliability to a higher level.

Bringing people to help is crucial to the procurement process, such as the ICO. The professional support provided to investors guarantees a smooth phase of ICO, which makes the platform attractive for investors.

Loligo Smart Explorer is a revolutionary idea that helps the investor to control the current state of the ICO or projects. This is much better than waiting for community updates provided or at least should be provided periodically by the ICO commands. Provides transparency and helps the decision-making process of investors to be reliable and healthy when it comes to voting in the ICO.

The “benchmark” tool is a unique way to keep investors ‘ funds safe, guaranteeing the reliability and performance of a smart contract. The platform evaluates the ICO, simply using this tool in which experts provide recommendations, and the ICO is analyzed in a continuous and automatic way and updates the ICO rating. Thus, Smart Contract hacks are prevented and ICO monitoring is controlled.

Total delivery: 150 000 000 LLG (minimum)
Total number of ICO: 16 000 000 LLG
Technology: ERC-20 then Loligo Blockchain (see
roadmap) is available for shopping: 11 200 000 LLG
Accepted Currency: Fiat/ETH during a private sale. FIAT, ETH, BTC, LTC in open sale
Softcap/hard cap: 0.95 m $/12M $
Initial bid: 1 LLG = 0.003 ETH (± $1.07)

Loligo The Advisory Board consists of 5 senior specialists with a variety of skills in machine learning, IoT, Computer Vision, advanced virtual reality, AI and robotics, SEO, VC and Angel Investments, optimizing E-Commerce, sales, primary coin offers, cryptocurrency and PPC marketing, Blockchain cryptography, Database, robotics modeling, programming and big data. The names and other information of the members of the Advisory Board can be found at


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