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London Block Exchange – Unfortunately, a lot of people began to use these words, not understanding their meaning. It is not about any nuances, but about the complete absence of the idea of the subject. The situation is particularly tragic when those who take managerial decisions and, moreover, establish legal norms, fall into incompetent reasoning.
ICO or Initial Coin Offering (the primary placement of tokens) is the release of any coupon project, or tokens intended to pay for the site’s services in the future in the form of cryptocurrency.

In the first quarter of 2018 was held 412 ICO, which resulted in the collection of 3.3 billion dollars (more precisely, $3 331 005 381). Thus, the quarterly increase in the number of attracted funds amounted to 5%. For comparison, for the whole year 2017, we managed to collect 6.2 billion dollars. (The statistics do not take into account data not completed by ICO, including Telegram.)

Breakthrough technology blockchain significantly changes the understanding of money as a traditional method of payment. A variety of crypto-based blockchain chain has begun to disrupt many areas from traditional banking to processing online payments.

The London Block Exchange is a system of exchange of fiat money and cryptocurrency in the Center of London. LBX provides easy access to money markets for new and experienced members through products and services that cater to the needs of retail and institutional investors. LBX also supports 30 + pairs of fiat money trading and cryptocurrency, as well as providing direct payments to the UK, onshore, euro and US dollars.

London Block Exchange offers pre-registration and premium-class users a secure, fast, seamless way to perform crypto transactions and comprehensive cash flow management through a billing account Crypto LBX-which is a special multi-cryptocurrency exchange in the UK-which will offer access to a member in the Fast Payment service (in FPS reduction-a service that facilitates quick transactions) using an exclusive Crypto account Payment.

Offering users the ability to convert GBP (Integrated cash Flow Management) to digital currency-and vice versa-this partnership reduces the main difficulty for the fans of cryptocurrency and newcomers. You can trade with confidence knowing that you have a level of security and protection associated with a British bank.

Therefore, they seek to regain power to people-where they can make safe, fast and smooth ways of committing cryptocurrency transactions. Using the power of education, technology and design, they open the door to everyone in a new and evolving economy. London Block Exchange ( has advantages over existing platforms, including:

 Execution of the transaction is more than 100 000 GBP.
 Trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, bitcoin Cash & Ethereum Classic and much more.
 Cryptocurrency is combined with GBP and EUR.
 Special Account Manager.
 High standards of customer service.
 Deep market knowledge and daily market updates.
 Buy, sell and preserve real cryptocurrency.
 A wide chart of new coins and a list of tokens.
 Real and personalized customer support.
 Easy and fast access through apps that can be found in the app Store and Google Play.

Selling tokens:
 Token details
 Total: 250 million Lbxu
 Available for preview: 100 million Lbxu
 Hard-cap Presale: 100,000 ETH
 Pre-sale Price: 1 ETH = 1,000 Lbxu
Pre-sales have already started and you can invest!
Lbxu tokens are a gateway to new ecosystem products and services, including:
 LBX Pay is the first CRYPTOCard account in the UK.
 Discover hidden features on our latest advanced trading platform.
 Increased access to high-speed APIs,  LBX Custody and reduced commissions without commission.
Currency exchange
The London Block Exchange supports market transactions between British pounds and all the cryptocurrency listed. LBXis limited to crypto-on-crypto in the base markets of bitcoin and Ethrium. All of these cryptocurrencies are available at the base market of bitcoins. However, the basic market Ethereum only supports transactions with basic tokens, such as: Bitcoin, Status, Golem, Omisego and 0x.

LBX sets daily and monthly limits on trading volumes based on the client’s verification status. For example, the trades between cryptocurrency and British pounds are limited to 20 000 GBP per month for first-level people, 300 000 GBP per month for people at level 2 and 600 000 GBP per month for people at levels 3 or 4. Such restrictions apply to the type of crypto-on-crypt trade.

London Block Exchange In general, I think that the LBX project is quite interesting and promising. The interest of the British to the crypto-world is constantly growing. The project will help to make the exchange of cryptocurrency more accessible for everyone, and users will be able to trade on the crypto-exchange, as well as display the crypt on pounds. I am glad that the project team is also concerned about marketing problems, which will contribute to their growth.

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