Loyakk – 1st Blockchain-enabled Platform for Decentralized Business Networks

Loyakk Vega – Dear friends, welcome everyone on your blog! Today I will talk about a very exciting ICO project. We will discuss how Loyakk Vega implements blockchain technologies in the decentralized industry, as well as the details of the ICO.

Loyakk Vega is a decentralized business relationship platform supported by blockchain, which enables companies to securely and efficiently exchange critical data and their value in their business networks and context-sensitive way. The Loyakk Vegetoy Platform introduces patented proprietary technology of blocking chains with powerful capabilities of corporate relations management to solve the problems of modern business interaction with business in the whole industry.

 Loyakk Vega gives strength to a package solution that includes critical components and services of applications and platforms designed to quickly include early and unlocking use cases across the industry while Supporting the vision and roadmap of the company for the implementation of the blockchain and corporate digital transformations.

 Loyakk aims to change the company’s approach to value in a decentralized environment. They offer a solution in terms of privacy, security, inefficiencies, and disputes through the platform they call the Vega commercial relations platform. The platform is currently under consideration. It is intended for interaction and commitment between companies. Blockchain technology behind it will offer communication services, data exchange, and other functions. This is achieved by using intelligent contracts created in a blockchain. Some of the current Loyakk customers include Abbott Labs, SAP, Mphasis, and Novartis.

 There is a token associated with the Loyakk platform. It will perform several functions within the platform. Anyone who uses the platform will need these tokens to perform a service or interaction. This token can transfer data over a set of rules. A token characteristic is a definition of permissions. This allows the allowed recipient to view the data. Authorization rules can be applied to a single or complete company. The token also allows you to standardize. This is important for fluid transfer and interaction over the network. The token is also responsible for creating and enforcing all rules that determine how data is processed, updated, and used. These rules can be based on location, identity, user behavior, or relationships. The rules guarantee that all transactions confirm the terms and agreements. For this technology, there are many great applications that can benefit businesses.

-The Distributed value network supported by Vega may allow insurance companies and various third parties to access and update relevant information easily and instantaneously (e.g. claim forms, certificates, reports on Police reports, etc.) and effectively perform their roles with the help of an intelligent predefined, contract. Thanks to the ability of Vega to provide a shared data Warehouse/account to many trusted parties in the value chain, insurers can independently authenticate customers, contracts and transaction policies while maintaining full Historical record, increasing the rate of supply and issuing policies and reducing or eliminating errors in the process.
 Start April 15, 2018, and will last until May 15, 2018
 Token name-lYK
 Token price-1 lYK = £0.50 (Australian dollar)
 Token type-ERC20 standard
 Minimum contribution-200 lYK

Why it is necessary to support this project:
Loyakk Vega Team, all of its employees work for the benefit of the company and are always ready to help in any matter. They are always in touch and do not disappear from sight. For now, when we talk about ICO projects, this fact is very important.
 All the prototypes made by the Loyakk Vega development team are publicly available, and now you can get acquainted and try out this system.
 Loyakk Vega participates in various crypto, blockchain forums, conclude serious contracts.
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