Loyakk – Hello, my dear subscribers! I suggest today to get acquainted with one very famous company Loyakk. Enterprises can now finally address the critical challenges they face in interacting with other companies, including data theft/IP, data reconciliation, contract execution and litigation, and compliance with the business rules of the entire network.
The goal of Loyakk is to transform how companies create and benefit in a new decentralized economy with their globally distributed network of partners, channels, distributors, and suppliers. Today, businesses face numerous challenges related to data security and privacy, data reconciliation, conflict disputes, inefficient processes, and limited management in their business networks, which Leads to annual losses in billions of dollars due to increased costs and loss of income.
Loyakk solves these problems in the real world through our platform Vega Business Relationship platform, which supports a patented platform. Loyakk Vega is an enterprise-level platform designed specifically for the secure decentralized business-to-business interaction. It uses patented Blockchain technology to support authorized data sharing, standardized communication interfaces, accelerated cost transfer based on intelligent contracts, and Consistent distribution of business rules and security policies, leading to a significant increase in security, efficiency and distributed management in any business network.
Businesses will rethink how they manage their business with high cost, more effectively using relationships in their business networks. By attracting partners, suppliers, contractors, resellers and other sales agents to a common network, businesses can transform how they sell, implement, and support complex technology solutions. The Loyakk Vega platform provides secure, authorized exchange of information about the transaction, project, and IP, proven project tracking and intelligent contracts oriented towards relationships, and provision of services and compensation to contractors and Suppliers. All these features help to speed up the transaction and execute the project.
First platform with Blockchain support for decentralized business networks
Enable Secure, intelligent data transfer and cost-to-enterprise
Proprietary blocking technology for interregional B2B use cases
Patented, 1st-of-its-kind index Lojakka evaluates acceptance of the platform
World-class team with business applications and block DNA chain
Premier domain, technology, and partnerships in the market
Latest Updates:
Loyakk gets venture capital before its ICO
Loyakk cooperates with Civic to ensure the security of business networks around the world
Enterprise Security Magazine named Lojakka the leading seller Blockchain
Mphasis, the world’s leading provider of IT solutions, joins forces with Loyakk
Nissan Global CIO, Tony Thomas joins advisory Board Loyakk
General Director Loyakk Salim Ali performs at the Churchill Club in San Francisco
Value Web Insurance Industry:
The distributed value network supported by Vega may allow the insurer and various third parties to easily and instantaneously access and update relevant information (e.g. claim forms, certificates, adjustment reports, Police reports, etc.) and effectively perform their roles with the help of pre-established smart contracts. Thanks to the ability of Vega to provide a common repository/register of data for several trusted parties in a valuable network, insurers can independently authenticate clients, contracts for policies and transactions, maintaining full historical Record, increasing the rate of issuance of quotes and policies and reduce or eliminate errors in the process.
Advantages of the platform:
Provides and simplifies the exchange of information, collaboration and interaction between members of a distributed business network
Allows you to access information and access to relevant network members based on identity, relationships, and business contexts
Facilitates the safe, timely and accurate movement of digital assets and value between participants based on business rules and policies distributed across the network
Accelerates and simplifies complex transactions, multi-party projects with smart contracts and minimizes disputes by increasing data reliability and origin
The goal of Loyakk is to change the company’s approach to a decentralized environment. They offer a solution for vulnerabilities in the areas of privacy, security, inefficiencies, and conflicts using a platform called the Vega business platform. The platform is currently under consideration. It is intended for interaction and commitment between companies. Blockchain technology, which accompanies it, will offer communication services, data exchange and other functions. This is achieved by using intelligent contracts created in a block chain. Currently, Loyakk customers are Abbott Labs, SAP, Mphasis and Novartis.
The patented main platform uses a nested block chain. The movement and sharing of data between parties is based on a set of rules and identities that use the patented consensus technology. The Vega platform also allows you to implement and configure a set of industry-specific application chains.
The Loyakk platform is a transformative one for the industry due to several factors. Cooperation between people in the ecosystem is transparent. This includes customers, suppliers, distributors, partners, and organizations. There is a consistency in how data is shared and accessed across the entire ecosystem. In addition, the movement of assets between the parties at both the global and local levels is accurate and rapid. In addition, intelligent contracts make it quicker to make decisions and automate processes.
Secure data transmission is of paramount importance. Access to data must be consistent, verifiable and undeniable. The Vega platform supports the flow of data between applications across the entire blockchain. Business processes are mapped to data workflows so that the correct data is reliably distributed in the right legal agreements, contexts, and business rules. Each party has the ability to monitor and control access to its data.
Business relations are very important for any cooperation. The Vega platform ensures fluid and friction interaction and control between all parties involved. Using the data in the blockchain minimizes the conflicts that can occur and provides a quick resolution. Existing systems are outdated, slow, chaotic and often unreliable. The Vega platform creates web-based values that are absolutely secure, partitioned, decentralized, and provide transparent data transfer. In the Web Value platform Loyakk There are flexible areas of the blockchain.
There is a token associated with the Loyakk platform. This will perform several functions within the platform. Anyone who uses the platform will need these tokens to perform a service or interaction. This token can transfer data over a set of rules. A token characteristic is a definition of permissions. This allows the allowed recipient to view the data. Authorization rules can be applied to a single or complete company. The token also allows you to standardize. This is important for fluid transfer and interaction over the network. The token is also responsible for creating and enforcing all rules that determine how data is processed, updated, and used. These rules can be based on location, identity, user behavior, or relationships. The rules guarantee that all transactions confirm the terms and agreements. For this technology, there are many great applications that can benefit businesses.

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