LUCRE – To HODL or not to HODL! The age-old question, crypto-fied

Lucre – The Krypto currency course is very volatile, so from the latest news, we often hear that the course is constantly galloping, then up, then down. Volatility Cryptoalyta is determined by the difference between the upper and lower limits of the price on the graph. At the time of a sharp drop, there is a keen question, and Hold’em Cryptoalta or not. 

The company Lucre, says that hold’em is not required since the maintenance of Cryptoalyta will not improve your condition. Also in the company is a solution that will help Krypto-traders earn, even when the course of the day. The fact is that trade is carried out in both directions long and short positions, so even when the course goes down, the algorithm lucre will profit from short nations.

Why use such a platform can be a favorable system of interaction for any trader?
 First, you are not always in contact with the market to quickly make a maneuver on its movement;
 Second, fear and weak analytical skills increase your doubt about your future actions. This leads not only to the loss of time but also to the possible loss of expected profit;
 And third, a small transaction rate. Not every trader can boast fast maneuvers within the fast-changing market.
That is why Lucre will be glad to offer our services to us:
 Which minimize the manifestation of any human emotion that we often miss our chance. After all, all processes are automated and they are essentially engaged in a computer that does not experience any human emotion;
 On the use of backtests, which emerged due to the deep analytical analysis of the cryptocurrency market;
 Compliance with the discipline, which is very important because its availability allows making transactions even at the moment of the unstable market;
 By which you will automatically adhere to your chosen strategy. This point is a lot of important, because probably every trader at least once, but descended from Lucre  his planned path because of the extreme situations in the market and to the detriment of himself did not correct conclusions;
 Round-the-clock trading. Agree that a purely physical person does not have the ability of 24/7 to trade on incoming signals, but the robot can and this is the most important advantage.
Project Features
If you consider the peculiarities of lucre, I would like to mention the team of the project, which has a great experience in algorithmic trading, and it is not a lot of not a little but for over 8 years. Therefore, I dare to assume that they understand the root of the problem and the principle of its solution, thanks to which their algorithmic trading (Algo) appeared.
Moreover, this system will work by means of its own token utility – LCR, thanks to which all algorithmic cryptocurrency trading will take place.

Dates and details of ICO
If we talk about the token in more detail, it was based on the base of blockchain Ethereum (ERC-20). Thanks to which it will be able to provide its users not only proper security, transparency, but also round-the-clock trading on elevated deadlines. And this is what the founders of Lucre are trying to achieve.
As for the holding of ICO, this event has been running since October 15, 2018 and will last until December 11 of the current year 2018. In this case, the development team assures us that if they do not collect the minimum amount of investment for the development of their project ($1.6 million), they will return all invested funds to their investors. That I can not but delight. The distribution of tokens and tools is as follows:
Lucre  I would like to note the very exclusive approach of this project to solving the existing problems in the cryptocurrency market. It also seems to me that if you are looking for this kind of platform with which you can achieve the most effective bidding, then lucre is just right for you.
But still, before making a final decision, I recommend that you study this project in more detail, see all its characteristics and answer the main question “Why should I invest in their token”?! And to make the right choice will help you with all the necessary technical documentation lucre and their official resources, links to which I attach below.

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