Lucre – The Krypto currency course is very volatile, so from the latest news, we often hear that the course is constantly galloping, then up, then down. Volatility Cryptoalyta is determined by the difference between the upper and lower limits of the price on the graph. At the time of a sharp drop, there is a keen question, and Hold’em Cryptoalta or not. The company Lucre, says that hold’em is not required since the maintenance of Cryptoalyta will not improve your condition. Also in the company is a solution that will help Krypto-traders earn, even when the course of the day. The fact is that trade is carried out in both directions long and short positions, so even when the course goes down, the algorithm lucre will profit from short nations.

It is an exclusive and automated trading system, and the signal service is Cryptoalyta, created in order to surpass the strategy of using Cryptoalta. The platform is based on statistical data over the past 5 years and is developed with a team of 8-year experience in algorithmic trading. In the market of Cryptoalyta, there are many trading platforms, however, they do not compete with lucre. This platform is attractive, so that, it allows you to earn income in all market conditions. Lucre A big plus, is, that the participants can set their rules for trading records and for outputs, automate them. Once the rules are installed, the program itself tracks the markets to search for purchase opportunities or sales based on established strategies.

Traders no longer have to worry that they will fulfill the not true agreement under the action of emotion. Lucre excludes the possibility of not correct transactions because all processes on the platform automated. The platform will also possess a backtest function, which will evaluate and determine the average amount that a trader can obtain or lose per unit of risk. Other advantages of the platform, it is discipline, trade planning or coordination, generating orders in a very short time, 24h market work 24х7.

The company Lucre was founded in 2010 under the guidance of Ganesh Puri, a specialist of the finance sector, including the anchor industry. Platform Lucre, to date, works in alpha mode and while trades one pair of BTC/USD, other couples will be added over time.

To launch the platform, the company has launched a sale of Token, which takes place in two phases: the first stage of Pre-ICO and second phase of ICO. Pre-ICO Tokenov will be held from October 15th to start ICO. The minimum goal of the company is to collect 1 600 000 USD, maximum 7 000 000 USD. At each stage of participation of Pre-ICO and ICO, investors can get bonuses from 30% to 0%. To develop a platform you need to collect a minimum amount if the goal is not achieved, all investors ‘ contributions will be returned.

The owners of Token Lucre (LCR), will receive premium membership and full access to the service, they will also be able to earn combining different variants of pairs. Tokens can also be used for additional bidding.

At the progress of the project, it is possible to familiarize yourself with white paper, also studying the roadmap.

How will the funds be distributed:
-80% will be selected participants
-14% for developers and reserves of the company
-3% will be allocated to the advisors
-3% for program and marketing Bounty

Lucre will make new standards in the fastening industry, thus, traders will no longer keep their assets in freezing, but will make money, even when the market is going to have low performance. All this will be done thanks to the unique system of lucre, before such on the market there was no fastening.


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