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Lynked. World solution to identify your digital identity. You only need to go once the identification procedure and you can start using these data anywhere. Recently, data security is a serious concern in the community. Remember at least two of the recent scandal that rocked our belief in centralized networks such as EQUIFAX HACK and FACEBOOK.  Lynked. the World solve the serious problems that individuals and organizations face in today’s digital world: The absence of a guaranteed identity and reliability of each individual and organization There is no common premise for Trust and Authenticity of the data on the different use cases Ineffective and increased costs due to intermediaries involved in the process Without the ability to provide access to many types of services on digital platforms due to the insecure nature of digital identity and linked data

That offers World Lynked:
1 user can create a secure and reliable profile at blockchain and share them. They can safely share their digital identity, education and professional experience in a network of Lynked. World with other users of the network.
2 users can securely store all your important documents, such as passport number, social insurance number, driver’s license, etc. in a purse Linked. World Blockchain.
3 Users control their digital identity, as well as a digital signature. They can share their data, wherever and whenever you want without any problems.
* Here are some key features of the Linked World: *
 all profiles on the platform are tested;
 consumer devices become part of the blockchain network and serve as one of the nodes that make up the blockchain network;
 a unique private key ensures that the inaccessibility of the data user who does not agree.

The user has complete control over what information to share and selectively allow access to data.
Information is exchanged through scanning a QR code as follows:
1. To create a QR code to query specific documents from the user requesting the person selects the document types and generates QR code, containing all the details of the request.
2. When a user scans this QR code, details of the requesting and the requested documents are displayed in the user’s mobile application.
3. at this point, the user can confirm the request and allow the sharing of their personal data.
4. Such permission, if it happens, is sent to the Digital World Lynked purse.
5. at this stage, the necessary documents are transferred from a digital wallet user on the requesting device.
6. the requesting person receives documents of interest.

Information about token: LYNK
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC-20
Number of tokens: LYNK 200 000 000
Price: LYNK 1 token = 0.35 USD

ICO project Lynked. World:
Beginning of ICO: November 15, 2018 year.
The end of ICO: as soon as you reach hard cap, until February 10, 2019 year.
Kolichestovo tokens for sale: LYNK 150 000 000
Soft cap: 5 million USD
Hard cap: 25 million USD
Taken assets: BTC, ETH

ROUND 1:15 November-December 6, 2018 Gg (LYNK 1 = $0.2275) 35% discount;
ROUND 2:07 December-December 28, 2018 Gg (LYNK 1 = $0.2625) 25% discount;
ROUND 3: January -19 December 29, 2018 2019 (1 LYNK = $0.2975) 15% discount;
ROUND 4: January 20-February 10, 2019 Gg (LYNK 1 = $0.35)

The initial distribution of tokens:
75% sale token
10%-project Founders
5% Bounty and marketing
5%-advisors and project team
5% initial investors

Allocation of funds from sales of the token:

Lynked. World Currently runs a Private Sale (private sale of tokens), as well as the Airdrop project (link) where you can take part and get 50 LYNK, that costs the end of ICO will be $17.5.
So we get this digital wallet for our documents, secure from hacking. No one except the owner has access to such data, and thus only he decides who provide their personal data and personal information. The transfer will be implemented through the secure transfer of QR code, there are also other options (biometric scan, a user ID with a mobile device), which means this tool it will be possible to apply, for example, to access the premises, production of books in libraries, registration, attendance, passing KYC, etc. It would be very convenient to use when booking rooms in the hotel, for a job, as well as in other scenarios use.

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