Lynked.World Digital Wallet is a Convenient Way to Store Your Personal Identification and Other Document

Lynked. World  Ecology of Lynked. the World is a multi-faceted solution includes all of the application platforms are developed from the bottom up to be able to take advantage of the features of blockchain technology. Our platform is based on the blockchain and the Ethereum includes feature-rich modules that solve real problems around trust and authenticity of digital identity, documents, and data for both consumers and the company.
Lynked. The digital wallet is an easy way to store personal identification and other documents such as passports, SIM, medical records, certification levels and more on your mobile device. These materials can be safely verified on the blockchain. Our electronic wallets allow users to own and control their digital information and shared identities, documents and data directly with other organizations such as companies, organizations, and businesses safely and comfortably.
Main features
Safe storage of digital documents on your mobile device.
Control your own data-Only share what are you allowing a clearly
Get your documents are verified on the blockchain
Allows the Agency to grant the document to the user’s wallet
Use cases
Share identification document when inspecting hotels, airports, hospitals use QR codes Share certificate, professional certificate and education to employers for job application There are many different types of services require digital identification easy
To create QR codes to request a specific document from the user
The applicant was first select the type of document from the QR code page can be configured. The request click Code “QR code Creation” to create QR code summarized the requirements of identity and other documents as a QR code that can be scanned. When users scan the QR code was created, the Subscriber’s details and documents are required to be shown on the application for the user’s mobile device. Existing users can verify the request and allow the distribution of data and their own documents to the applicant.
Authorize the requested document is sent to Lynked. World Digital Wallet
The official documents along with blockchain authentication for each document is shared from a user’s digital Wallet with the Subscriber’s equipment.
The applicant received official documentation and also confirm the authenticity of the documents of individuals get on blockchain if necessary. Lynked. World  The record and the form can be configured
Development platform offered by us, empower any organization to create forms easily and deliver them a smooth for use in many fields. A typical example is a sample application or requirements for the different services-these services are held to provide for consumers through our platform. All users will have access to digital identity are authentic are created in our environment thanks to our platform.
Continuing from the above example, the user can access the profile of this organization and can send the registration form to one of the different services available by completing and signing the registration application form. As an added benefit, the platform also supports the form is filled in automatically from the user’s profile. Any document required for the purposes of the application can also automatically attach from our digital wallet and send along with a signed form.
The electronic voting script that appears quite often and so our platform will also provide a voting system based on a sequence of blocks makes the vote completely safe.
Sales detail token
Lynked. World Token (LYNK) is a token-based ERC20 Ethereum.
Symbol: LYNK
Provide the original token: 200 million
Starting on 15 November: total revenue in 2018 (9:00)
On 10 February the year end 2019 (11:00 GMT)
Number of cards needed: 150 million LYNK
Hard hat: $25 million
Cash conversion rates: 1 LYNK = 0.35 USD
Caps: 5 million USD
Accepted currency: ETH, BTC
Token not yet sold
Each token directly after selling a token (based on a rigid stamp 25 million) will be transferred to the community award profile
Allocate additional token
Lynked. World  New LYNK token after an initial 200 million problem can only be created from a backup based on the exchange for Lynk Boost Dollars into LYNK. After the total reached 500 million release LYNK card, the company will start a program to buy back to buy the card from the open market to LYNK can continue “bonus system for the community”.

Token Sale Timeline
Token lynk sales will begin on 15 November the year 2018 and continue until 10 February the year 2019. All sales transactions have been divided into four individual rings with different discount levels for
base price ($ 0.35) per sign lynch.

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