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Magnus is the world’s first dual Token robotics and A. I. ICO, built on two platforms – Ethereum and NEO. Magnus is the first truly decentralized network of intelligent agents, robots, sensors, equipment and people creating a global knowledge market. By enabling decentralized microservices and executing the asynchronous task, Magnus will become a key building block for the future IOT network-devices, AI-agents, Human Programmers, and Hardware. This, in turn, will significantly reduce the cost of computations and complex applications, such as the planning of object recognition paths.
Market needs and industrial consumers
Thanks to Magnus, companies, organizations and other business agents can use Magnus markets to trade information, analytical databases that were previously needed to be created from scratch. Now agents will also be able to use the Magnus markets to monetize their own assets. Thus Magnus United specialists in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence, software, entrepreneurship, mechanics, and mathematics.
MAGNUS Mission
Magnus is a decentralized network that opens new opportunities for participants regardless of their location. Different participants can interact with each other without any friction. Each participant gets the rating of the verifier, the rating of the buyer and the rating of the seller, which is assigned according to their previous activity (business reputation) in the team. All participants get a basic rating when they enter the team for each attribute Verifier, Buyer, and Seller.
The Magnus mission is based on the following basic principles:
-Facilitate efficient transactions and, at the same time, minimize their costs;
-the use or provision of collective services in the network;
-A free and troubled target market.
Additional Business Ideas MAGNUS
Now let’s set out the technological developments that Magnus plans to take:
-Magnus Vulcan-the model has a set of working prototypes with the implementation of robots, AI and IOT on the blockchain. The blockchain has already been demonstrated by well-known multinational firms and companies. The model is built on platforms Ethereum, IPFS and Aragon.
To implement the business model, Magnus plans to use Javascript and Python with APIs to interact with the blockchain, other agents, and AI integration using Python or JSON-RPC modules.
-Magnus also implements smart contracts for tokens and economic logic.
Token name (NEO)-MGSN
Token name (ETHEREUM)-MGS
Released – 1 000 000 000 MGSN + 118 200 000 MGS
For sale – 500 000 000 MGSN + 59 100 000 MGS
HARD CAP – 30 000 ETH
SOFT CAP – 1 000 ETH
Date – Since February 5, 2018g. On June 30, 2018g.
Payment is accepted – ETH, NEO, GAS
Price – 1 NEO = 679 MGSN, 1 GAS = 217 MGSN, 1 ETH = 620 MGS

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