Magnus First Truly Decentralized Network of Intelligent A.I. Agents

MAGNUS  – Today I will tell about one rather attractive and perspective project Magnus Surprisingly, a few years ago we could not imagine that robots could become a part of our lives, an assistant in the house, an excellent robotic employee at work, even a worker in the bank and a driver of the car, even for the detection and Decontamination of bombs and landmines, it all depends on what work to program it, but today this information is perceived quite easily and at ease, it will not surprise anyone. The complexity now lies in its acquisition.

So, I present to you Magnus
Magnus is the first truly decentralized network of intelligent AI agents, robots, sensors, equipment and people creating a global knowledge, skills and computing market.

What’s it?
Magnusis designed to determine the universe of robotics and AI automation for organizations. It is also the world’s first dual Token robotics and AI ICO, built on two platforms-Ethereum and NEO. It is important to note that Magnus is beginning a new era of business, technology, and thinking. The Magnus era brings with it a fundamental change in how intelligent systems are built and interact with each other.
The ultimate goal of Magnus is to make people smarter, machines better, robots cheaper and faster, and AI better by providing collaboration with other agents in the network Magnus Collective.

Magnus Collective Advantages and solutions:
1. Implementation and creation of Rabototehniki Center, namely: AI, IOT, humans and cloud systems.
2. Acceleration of development and custom software for robots.
3. Simplification and acceleration of the economy in enterprises and organizations.
4. Acceleration of technological progress.
5. Create and conduct an open exchange between organizations that are very quickly gaining development on the basis of BlockChain, Ai, and robotics.

In addition, Magnus will have its own independent bots-agents (“Sentry Bots”), which guarantee the absence of foreign agents in the Magnus network. Sentry Bots will use white and black lists to maintain the reputation and efficiency of the network.

Magnus Collective is a complex structure that tries to solve four complex and critical tasks at the same time:
1. Create a very useful center of robotics, AI, IOT, humans and cloud systems.
2. Accelerating the development and use of robotics, which will lead to a service economy where individuals and organizations can rent robotic services using Magnus Token.
3. Create and conduct an open exchange between different organizations that have been developing rapidly in the last decade in BlockChain, Ai, Robotics and cloud computing.
4. Create a network effect of goodwill and progress in a team that will lead to accelerated technological progress and economic development when Magnus Collective reaches its milestones.

ICO token
MGS platform: Ethereum standard: ERC20 quantity: 118.2 million MGS price: 1 MGS = 0.66 USD payment: ETH, NEO, GAS Roadmap in 2017, intellectual contracts were launched and the prototypes of Magnus Alpha were developed. Then we developed and created the object recognition engine, the development team, and then integrated it into the Stanford. Partners of Magnus are: Nokia, Siemens, Ascension, Pfizer, Sanofi. In 2018, it is planned to implement and promote the concept of the Vulcan release system. A portal for the platform, working prototypes of robots will be developed. Direct partners will be the healthcare industry, trade, hotel business, it is in these areas so necessary to implement robots.

The token allows transactions between robots, IOT, and the AI module. Magnus is a Double Blockchain Token platform-based on Ethereum and Neo.
Two types of tokens will print ERC-20 and NEP-5 tokens.

Conclusion :
I consider this project quite perspective and a real find in the field of robotics, market participants of this industry should pay attention to it. Protection of data and information of users is the first place of the team of creators MAGNUS, it is very important for the consumer. MAGNUS will become the largest supplier of robots. For me this project seemed attractive, I recommend.


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