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MAKE  Greetings to my dear readers. And here came the long-awaited vacation, and now I am ready to introduce you to interesting projects. To do this, I publish the most promising projects in my opinion. And you read, think, and decide for yourself. It is no secret that the daily use of digital media is growing at a great rate. Now, perhaps, it is quite difficult to find a person who has never been associated with digital media.

Thus, according to official statistics, almost half of the population, or more precisely, 3 billion people use social networks every day for different purposes. Regardless of whether it is a means of communication, media viewing or data preservation, digital media come alive in the modern world.

Today, probably, everyone faced with the laborious process of search of the saved information in digital media. For example, photos, videos, and other files marked as you like are scattered across social networks and have no long-term savings on the network.
Now let’s imagine what it will look like on the MAKE platform. Absolutely all your favorite photos, videos, and files that you can sort and view again from anywhere, from any device using only a personal plugin.
MAKE is a high-quality media platform created by users that distribute their work across the network. The created content is based on blockchain technology and uses smart contracts, which in turn will ensure full transparency and security of operations performed on the platform.
With a MAC, the user can save and distribute the tools they like in any application. But this is not the limit of the platform. Thus, with the development of the platform participants will be able to enter into agreements with different brands in relation to advertising. This way, any user can benefit from the token issued by the MAKE framework.
The MAKE project is designed to create new content that makes it much easier to use social media and not to spend time viewing ads for which the user does not receive rewards.
One of the fastest growing markets is the sale of files on the net. Through the integration of blockchain technology in each of the areas of human activity, the process of selling digital assets has become much safer than the previous model of market business.
Today the digital asset market is one of the most profitable. Thus, the daily cost of the files under consideration is billions of US dollars.
To implement its plans, the project team launched 2.5 bn. Tokens. This money will be used to create innovative tools that will MAKE you become a powerful, competitive company.
Project Team
Specialists from different industries worked on the development of the project. For example, the Director general and founder of the project-a graduate of Northeastern University-Nick Johnson. Nick managed to gather good specialists from all over the world and unite them into a strong team.
MAKE Company Partners
It is wrong to ignore the partnership. Thanks to a multifaceted idea, the platform can enter into partnership agreements with absolutely any enterprise, providing them with advertising services.
For example, ShiftWear, a company that launched a brand of clothing with absolutely innovative technologies, will be based on the MAKE platform to launch its product on the Internet.
The idea of the project is really unique, therefore attracts great attention from investors. The network “virus” has already absorbed most of the daily time, so why not optimize this process? The MAKE project is a solution to many of the problems that exist today.
About the ICO exhibition
Private Sale: September 1-October 30, 2018
Pre-sale: November 1-January 20, 2018
Public Sale: January 21-February 28, 2019
Price: 1 MAKE = 0.01 USD
We accept ETH, BTC, Fiat and some of the major cryptos on our platform.
Soft cap: 2m USD
Hard cap: 25M USD
Total Flow: 5 billion
The maximum amount of token delivery within the first 6 months will be 2.5 billion.
Unsold tokens:
50%. 50% is burnt.
Minimum fee: 100 USD
All tokens are distributed through a smart contract immediately after the sale of tokens.
All necessary data KYC/AML should be provided by buyers.
Public Token sale Duration: 3 months

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