MARK SPACE Source Platform For Creation of 3D and VR Compatible Web-Spaces

MARK SPACE Current technological developments could not be more Weirs. Many new innovations to arrive, including Internet-based 3D technology. The Internet is one of the factors supporting the dominant activity of everyone. The Team MARK. SPACE initiative in conducting development of 3D technology which can provide maximum service in the middle of your activity by exploiting the existence of crypto. The Team MARK. SPACE came to the conclusion that the technology of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and the currency of crypto can be combined into a fully functional ecosystem to create an economy that will be improved, will be fully replace the existing online economy. This is an encouraging platform marks. SPACE for more optimistic in developing technology that can make you feel comfortable when you are in our ecosystem.

Platform Description MARK. SPACE
MARK. SPACE is an open source platform for creating 3D/VR spaces and objects from any destination, as well as the quick launch and integration into a unique ecosystem. This platform is managed by Crypto and supported by economic Blockchain. By giving the world an easy tool used to create and launch the project VR/3D that can be applied quickly and without significant cost, is the idea that became the main idea forming platform marks. Space. The scope of the MARK. The SPACE consists of a large number of VR space (units), where each unit can be connected directly to its top level domain itself. Private ownership of the unit is secured with a record of all transactions with units (to make, sell or rent) on the blockchain. Thus users could feel how easy it is to make a transaction on this platform. MARK. SPACE support all internet browser (we recommend Chrome) and, at the same time, compatible with CardBoard, Oculus and HTC Vive. Desktop PC is all it takes to make the VR shop, Office, community, or other spaces that are sophisticated for business or entertainment. All users can buy, sell and/or rent out their units to others through the use of smart contracts.

The Technology Platform marks. SPACE
Platform Marks. SPACE is currently based on a centralized architecture, but we have had phases in our project trip on the road map and has been prepared for fully decentralize. One of the advantages we have, Platform marks. SPACE can automatically detect the VR glasses or headsets, which works on Bluetooth and Web technologies WebVR. In addition to other content, VR can be displayed on a PC monitor and supported by all smartphones. Use the built in accelerators, this system is capable of processing information from sensors in the headset or glasses, to enhance user navigation at the venue. Voice recognition technology allows the user issued a command voice is detected and is run by the platform. The front-end platform there are implemented using: HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/JSON + SMX. Back-end written in: Perl, Python, Java, js, PHP Node. Protocols used are: VRML/X3D, WebGL, Web3D, WebVR.

MARK Ecosystem. SPACE
Each platform has the capability with different technology and also have different ecosystems. MARK ECOSYSTEM is ecosystem of platform marks. Space, and also MARK. The SPACE has a scope of ecosystem involving the following sectors:

✔️ Content creation: If you’ve ever dreamed of making the content of the VR, MARK ECOSYSTEM is the platform that will be used because it is designed to give users all the tools needed for the creation of VR content.
✔️ Distribution service: just like in the real economy, MARK MARK area ECOSYSTEM will provide Shopping. This will be used for the distribution of goods and services, buy and sell goods produced at real world economics. On this platform, the freelancer is also the recipient of the benefits of a virtual platform in the sense that he could have a private virtual office to advertise and sell their services to investors, project developers. Imagine a world in which ads can be placed on the sidewalk or street to the most common area you can think of.
✔️ The distribution of wealth: in order to make the system operational and there should be a balanced distribution of content. Therefore, if wealth was obtained but not distributed, there will be no economic balance, with this understanding of ECOSYTEM, MARK just as the real estate world, individual virtual site will appreciate in value over time, due to the scarcity of but it also depends on the level of the owners of creativity in terms of design and content so as to attract visitors.
✔️Transparency is one of the aspects of the economy are scarce in our world today, but the stores in the region MARK VR Shopping will be transparent, users will be able to appreciate the transparency in all transactions carried out as income statements, balance sheets and cash flow will be available to all. This will further generate trust and the creation of wealth that could be distributed to its full potential. There are no individuals who want to invest in a platform that is based on lies, truth liberates, on this platform, both investors as well as freelancers, producers and consumers will have a lot of thoughts in their respective contributions to the growth of the individual and collective platform because of the level of transparency platform marks. The SPACE was founded.
✔️ Distributed rendering: as I mentioned earlier, I saw MARK. SPACE apply the concept of genuine democracy in this platform. Miners who thought they might not be relevant is brought to the stage to also benefit from MARK ECOSYSYTEM.

Token and ICO marks. SPACE
Like the others, MARK. The SPACE has its own MARK token (MRK), token utilities that are used as internal currency.
Token MK. allows all users to sell and buy the unit and object VR, consuming a wide range of goods and services use, pay salaries to their employees and purchase advertising to promote their business through the platform. Miners GPU that will render the VR spaces and objects for user platform will also receive awards at the token MK. (conception of POW).

Sale Token:
Сlosed pre-sale – 200 mln tokens MK. (min 300 ETH)
Open the pre sales-Token – 250 ml MK token
Tokens are sold – 720 million MK. token

Schedule Crowdsale:
Pre-order open Token sales will begin on October 24, 2017 and will
last until Nov 17, 2017.
Token sales will begin on November 21, 2017 and will last until 21 Dec, 2017.
Maximum transaction size: 30,000 000 MK. (10 000 ETH).
Contributions will be received in the currency of the ETH, BTC and fiat.

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