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Coinanalyst  We all know that cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple (and not only them) in recent years has become not only a popular means of payments but also for investments. But also we all know that the current situation in the Bitcoins market is characterized by poor liquidity, high volatility and complete absence of markers for the separation of useful information.
Yes, for today the situation is such that if a person is ready to come to investments in cryptocurrency, he will have to face not with the information vacuum, but with the completely reverse process. When information is full, but its usefulness, correctness, and even truthfulness raise big questions. Most of this is simply informational stuffing to enrich not the purest to the hand of individuals, or simply-swindlers.
It is to help in such processes as the selection and analysis of useful information sent to the application Coinanalyst. What used to be done manually and took a huge amount of time will now be automated! Here it makes sense to watch a video in which the project team briefly describes all the advantages of the platform:
Coinanalyst traders will get access to information from traders and owners who are  “tied ” to a certain coin, that is to specialists. The application also defines risks, which at some point may occur on a single market and allow to react to them quickly and efficiently. How much is it in demand? Let’s take a closer look.
Project objectives
Coinanalyst wants to complicate the life of speculators and swindlers, which today dominate the market cryptocurrency. Because someone can better understand the situation than others, they are successfully manipulating the information space, creating favorable conditions for not completely honest enrichment.
It should be said that such actions repel not only ordinary users who would like to invest in cryptocurrency, but they are just scared. But it also repels the strong players of the financial market, who see pitfalls in the absence of predictable stability.
Coinanalyst wants to set new rules of the game on the bitcoins market and bring here much more capitalization and active finance that is available today. Yes, large funds have a huge staff of analysts and experts, including those specializing in specific market segments. But now the rest will be able to get access to the point analysis and the choice of the right information from the huge stream.
How it works
The Coinanalyst  platform collects all relevant information about coins from all available sources, continuously and almost in real time. The basis for this is WEB observer, scanning and monitoring system developed and operated by Cogia GmbH.
Forums and blogs. The platform scans and indexes all information about the specified keywords (for example, the name of the coin). Using special parsing methods, all messages on these fo
ICO Project
At the moment you can buy COY tokens at a reduced price for ICO, which will last until October 31st of this year. It is planned to release 3 750 000 000 COY.
Since we have a net utility token according to the regulations of Germany and Switzerland, and there is a working product, soft cap (lower threshold) is optional.
The Hard Cap is installed on a plank of 20 million euros. The stable price of the token is planned at the rate of 1 COY = €0.01
Allocation of tokens and tools
I also suggest looking at the distribution of tokens and funds by the project team. As we can see, the tokens distributed as follows:
The ICO will be sold 50% of the total number of
On the Bounty, Company allocated 5%
8% reserved for advisers and legal expenses
For equity investors, the same 5% is reserved
2% will go to charity
For business development and expansion-10%
For the team and future employees-15%
We can also see what is planned to spend the collected funds:
30%-technology (probably due to writing software and modules)
5%-legal and administrative expenses
5%-Paid content
10%-the costs for the withdrawal of the token on the Exchange
Project evaluation
Coinanalyst  Already working product, lack of Soft Cap, clearly make it clear that before us is not a project from the area  “collect money and all “. There is a real assessment of the market, there is an understanding of the need for the product and its application, there is a real economic model.
Experts icobench Well appreciated the prospects of the project and put a rating of 4.1 out of 5. Trackico put the project 4.3 out of 5. The rest of the ratings are even more loyal.
From the ratings of big bloggers, you can understand that the project is rather trustworthy. Yes, there are small doubts, but the reality of the team and the availability of the product already evoke positive feelings.
In general, summing up everything here written and said, we can say that  “The client is more alive “, and therefore it is worth to look closer to him. Including clicking on links to the site, whitepaper and social/media resources from the last paragraph.

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