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MEDIA Protocol is a London startup, founded last year. He calls the current content distribution system (withholdings and centralized distribution sites) ineffective and unstable. Instead, MEDIA Protocol offers a complex of thematic, highly specialized aggregator applications assembled on the blockchain platform. Publishers and authors here have the right to expect a decent reward, and readers for small bonuses (in the tokens of MEDIA) for “likes”, “she” and other activity. MEDIA Protocol was established by British businessmen Thomas Graham and Martin Adams. They are co-founders of the company Codec, specializing in content marketing (promotion in the network without regard to the classic techniques of SEO).

CEO MEDIA Protocol is James Tabor, formerly labored, for example, Bizdevom Cognition is a platform that allows large companies to implement solutions related to AI and data analysis, literally, “not getting out of place”. The thing is that Cognition is a kind of catalog of applications, algorithms, data sources, and experts. Together, James Tabor and Thomas Graham are developing the Digital Future Council, a company derail to “bridge the gap between media and technology.”As you can see, the creators of MEDIA Protocol have something to brag about in saturated. They definitely cause trust.

Why is the content platform blockchain?
MEDIA Protocol-Blockchain-platform with a selection of Dapps, which opens access to the content of different subjects. The first such application became Cryptocatnip (available in Google Play and App Store, though, without transactions). This is a news aggregator about cryptocurrency. All the most important is going in one place on your screen.

The main idea of MEDIA Protocol is to encourage readers to tokens.
How it works:
 Let’s say we’re talking about media publishing news about the crypt. It enters the MEDIA Protocol and selects the Cryptocatnip theme channel;
 The budget of promotion of one material – say, 10.3 ths. MEDIA tokens. A small commission, 300 coins, is sent to the purse crypto, the remaining 10 thousand. The publisher spends on promotion among users;
 10% of the sum-on “Laika”, 30%-on reading, 20%-on “legacy” of the material in social networks, 40%-on comments (statistics authors of the MEDIA Protocol lead “from the ceiling”, in reality everything can be different-at your discretion);
 Bonuses received by readers are nothing more than just a pleasant reward. No tangible capital on this stoutish. So it is unlikely that anyone will purposefully engage in “spam” in the comments and “Lajkanem” in a row;
 As a result of user actions, the coverage of the material can be gigantic.

How the process looks from the reader:
There is a double motivation-to get acquainted with a useful publication and receive a cash bonus (modest, but pleasant!);
News Feed in MEDIA Protocol – “Smart”, using AI (as in “Yandex. Zen”). That is, over time, it will remain only those editions/authors, which you really trust.

Where the media will take profit, you ask, if you pay for clicks, “likes” and “legacy”?
First, Nick can make a paid subscription to your media (in the digital press this phenomenon is gradually becoming a trend).
Secondly, Nick is free to “donate” to their pets (practice is common in the blogosphere).
And third, do not forget about advertisers. They are very fond of user activity-transitions, references in social networks, etc.
Actually, marketing campaigns they estimate with caution just on this data.

After pressing the Start button, we immediately open the news feed, when you click on a certain news opens the full text of the news, when Svajpe to the right, I understand, the news like and the clever ribbon will slip more such news, when Svajpe left, The news is disliked, and the clever tape will accordingly be formed without similar

After a couple of swipe and watching a few news, I have accumulated 46 tokens. I immediately tried to withdraw them, the scanner QR code ETH Wallet works, but! Nothing can be deduced yet, as everything is written in the test network Robsten.

The phone vibrates every time you accrue tokens! (I first thought I had a text message)
Each news opens not fast enough (yes, it is clear, the record in blockchain and other, but true, seconds 8)
Packet functionality should be part of the application, not using the standard phone function
And so quite usable application, and the tape of the same sites that we all leaf usually free: bitcoinist, CoinDesk, cointelegraph, etc.

Why invest in MEDIA Protocol?
Media Protocol prepares a revolution in the media structure, transparent and secure (thanks to BLOKCHAIN) environment for members of the content ecosystem – authors, publishers, and readers. No intermediaries and payment for making a large holding twist block with your articles on prominent places on your sites.

Naturally, within the MEDIA Protocol Nick will be encouraged by tokens depending on a number of parameters. For example, traffic and visual actions (mentioned “likes” and ilk with them).

I would like to note that the creators of MEDIA Protocol actively participate in technological conferences – they had time to visit Devcon3 in Cancun (Mexico), Blockchain Expo in Santa Clara (USA), Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland), Blockchain Week in Miami and Token 2049 in Hong Kong.

Startup at the moment supported kenetic. Capital (according to the company’s own statement, it “builds blockchain-bridge between Asia and the rest of the World”), TLDR Capital (Investment Fund) and Wachsman (one of the leading PR-agencies specializing in blokchain).

The ideas of the MEDIA Protocol authors look at least interesting. In many ways, their project intersects with the concept of “Yandex. Zen”, which has for a second! – 11 million unique users per day.

Given the global market Outlook silhouetted appetizing.
And the most, in my humble opinion of the Internet marketer, the main thing-the distribution of content already on the “hot ” audience, uniquely advantageous to all the media that have joined the project Someone might say, “Hey, dude, it’s just a regular motivated traffic,” and I say, nope, it’s the hottest audience you can think of, the most targeted, no left-overs, and the draining of advertising budgets for irrelevant ads.

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