MEDIA Protocol – A Protocol for Frictionless Content Markets


MEDIA protocol offers a simple, convenient and transparent platform for all those involved in content – creators, editors, publishers, consumers, etc. The protocol has an economic function that allows you to create a direct channel to promote Content to publishers, and consumers can directly pay for content and encourage creators.

Purpose of the project
The MEDIA Protocol platform was created to solve certain problems: Expand existing infrastructure and extend the benefits it has.
Use the most up-to-date web standards wherever possible to provide maximum functionality.

Provide mechanisms to encourage users to consume content.
Make the platform as convenient and useful for consumers, creators and promoters. MEDIA Protocol will help marketing companies, promoters, consumers to switch to the model Boleeorientirovannuju to the user. All media, publishers, brands, social networks, and agencies will be able to work with it.

How does the platform work?
MEDIA Protocol is not an application itself, but rather a feature set for software that can be used to create decentralized content distribution platforms. With its help, you can use any application that uses this protocol to read, listen, watch, share content and receive rewards for activity in the form of MEDIA tokens. The received tokens can be spent on the reward of content creators, subscription or another cryptocurrency.

At the same time, the publisher creates content and wants to promote it to those who are interested. Usually, publishers have to publish their content on the internet and then post links on social networks or other distribution platforms in the hope that someone clicks on the links and reads the material. The MEDIA Protocol offers a direct channel to distribute and encourage readers, avoiding extraneous platforms that charge large sums for hosting.

Each user can register a URL using a protocol to promote and promote content. In this way, marketing campaigns promote those materials that they have not created. As a result, the user can receive rewards for simply reading interesting materials, and the creator of content to directly stimulate the consumption of its content and receive rewards from the user.

In order to start using the protocol and help create other applications, the team created a prototype called Cryptocatnip. This is a news and media aggregator in the field of cryptocurrency. The app tracks how users interact with the materials, how they are promoted, and how they progress. This is an example of a localized application that MEDIA Protocol provides the ability to create a content channel that is cost-effective and accessible. The example clearly shows how the protocol can work and clearly shows all its advantages.

As part of the MEDIA Protocol applications, the content creator can self-motivate content consumers without having to overpay for distribution to unauthorized sites that do not guarantee that your material will be watched, listened to, or Read. There are no restrictions on content, it can be advertising or informational, long or short, video or audio. Anything! You can receive payments in Paywall, advertising content using the protocol, and receive advice from users. To promote the publisher himself can assign the amount to MEDIA.
Users receive rewards from content creators for certain actions, pay tokens for purchases within the ecosystem, or advice to publishers. With machine learning and AI, a recommendation service will be created that will produce the most relevant content for each user.
Problems and Solutions
Bots and Sybil-attacks are popular platform issues that reward users for certain actions. To avoid this problem, you will take into account the time it takes to perform an action, confirm users by using the reward service, for example, by checking social networks.
Token security will be provided by several means:
Smart contracts will be open source code that the MEDIA Protocol can examine and verify. The platform is also going to implement the bug bounty program, which will reward users who will find the security issues of the platform.
ICO Details
Token: MEDIA
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC-20
Tokens are used to consume content, to traverse Publisher surveys, to advertise, to pay membership fees, and to share material on social networks. ERC20 is a common standard for Ethereum smart contracts, which provides a standard set of functions and rules, mainly for token transfers. This means that any purse that supports ERC-20 can support any token compatible with this standard.
Consumers want more options, choices, and quality in terms of content. The decentralized MEDIA Protocol enables brands, promoters, creators, and consumers of content to create more transparent and effective relationships. Each participant gets its advantages, and the consumer plays an important role in this scheme. The platform plans to become the basis of the new content distribution model, there will be no more intermediaries between the participants, who not only interfere with communication but also charge rather large sums as a commission. The MEDIA Protocol command actively maintains social networks and is ready to answer questions. You can read more about the details and get acquainted with the team on the official website.

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