Meet Investy, The Crypto Matchmakers

What is “Investy”?
INVESTY – This is the first investment in decentralized platforms where you can get with the best traders in the world cryptocurrency. This area includes the reliability and safety. All transactions You will pass through a special system Investy. This will protect all users of the platform from the fraud. This is a very worthy platform at blockchain to secure trade. Investy platform implementation will allow to solve many of the problems encountered in the investment markets. The first problem is choice. Investors will be able to choose where to invest their money with optimal risk and return. The platform also will be useful to professional traders and private.

Investy is a platform for decentralized investment allows investment in crypto, funds, portfolios and private trader in a place which is easily accessible, transparent and secure.
The results of all traders are recorded in blockchain which means it can be unreliable and could not be faked. Please choose a trader in accordance with open rank and get along. Your assets are managed by professionals, gives you the best results.

The platform on which you can create your own crypto currency, exchange ideas and trade your account to transfer management of the more experienced traders-all of this combines the project Investy. In short, Investy is a decentralized platform for investing in currencies of crypto, funds and private traders. One of the main advantages of this platform is security, honesty and openness of the whole system. All this positive moment is ensured with the launch of the platform in such blocks, using the technology of smart contracts, as well as the structure and features of Investy

By using the Investy platform, users will be able to transfer their accounts to control one of the experienced trader’s leading platforms. However, you cannot transfer your savings after the fact, you just open up the access to the transaction. Investy platform will ensure honesty and block transactions that are not true. Any experienced trader will take the assets-will be interested in a successful trade, because he will have a portfolio of platforms, whose reputation will be recorded in the detachment. Thus, all transaction data, the history of trade, investment and success are not successful, you can check in advance. And just select your trader.

Investy will be a single market for traders and funds. The platform is characterized by three main features-security, data transparency and user trust. A simple scheme will ensure the development of the Investy-traders have been getting, investors have been getting, the platform has been obtained. Everything is simple and easy to understand. Merchants interested in the transaction because they will receive commissions and good reputation of them. Users interested in getting profits from trading the trader. Platform and benefit from the successful transaction and the influx of customers. The scheme is simple and very effective.

This project team is friendly, professional and have sufficient experience to implement projects of this scale. People are proud to announce the ICO, which will begin on November 24, and ends on December 18.

Expert system INVESTY is a reliable guardian of your investment; In other words, all information passing through expert systems, which include the possibility of fraud
5% of all managed investments on IVC (Investy coin) purse.
* Discount: All holders of a reduced Commission, received token Token IVC more in my wallet, the lower the Commission.
Subscribe: If you want to use the function demo account trading robot testing, or just need some amount of certain signs in your wallet.

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