MeetnGreetMe Blockchain based travel & hospitality ecosystem

MeetnGreetMe So lets give the prize to all MeetnGreetMe players of his contributions, not just MeetnGreeter, crypto currencies also introduced – WelcomeCoin. Part of WelcomeCoins is reserved so that contributors keep running initiative and therefore trigger the growth of MeetnGreetMe.
Welcome to allow allow to give incentives on the user MeetnGreetMe to play different roles while jointly contribute to the development of the ecosystem and accelerate the growth of the platform in MeetnGreetMe all over the world.

To trigger the interaction in the ecosystem MeetnGreetMe, provide an incentive on the desired action and make sure the MeetnGreetMe grow MeetnGreetMe meetnGreetMe issued token – WelcomeCoin.
A short name – WEL.

WelcomeCoin is the product token that is issued for the purpose of uniquely accessing the network, use and contribute to its development and also valued in accordance with the efforts and contributions of individuals. People are doing more business will get more profit. Simply have your token does not guarantee participation in the distribution of awards.WelcomeCoins will run in block Wireshark and will apply the standard specification ERC20 Ethereum. WelcomeCoin powered by MeetnGreetMe service. That is, WelcomeCoins are available for sale directly correlated with number of hours of service that can be obtained on the platform.

WEL is much more than just a means of payment. This is an important part of the philosophy of MeetnGreetMe about a helpful community and contribute them. MeetnGreetMe WelcomeCoin in the ecosystem could buy what can’t money. Multifaceted WelcomeCoin in essence and will support the development of MeetnGreetMe in different directions.

We believe that holding the WelcomeCoins MeetnGreetMe will let users feel more connected to the platform, feel motivated to foster it, because they will directly benefit from the growth and prosperity.

Centralize and decentralize the development platform, we aim to give a chance to everyone to get involved in building and growing the community, where every Member feels connected and enjoy the benefits online and offline.

WelcomeCoin as a right
WelcomeCoin holders exclusively entitled to the following rights:

1) the right to participate in the development of the platform, vote on questions related to budget allocations, business development, and does not include the addition of new features. This right is available for 10% of users who have the greatest number of tokens.
2) the right to participate in the vote on questions like: give the prize to the user with the best performance, the evaluation of initiatives that go in and push their generators, etc.
3) the right to use the platform and to directly participate in them for the purpose of further development and gain an advantage over their efforts.
4) right to access community event.
5) the right to obtain discounts for MeetnGreetMe service, and service partners.
6) the right to play the role of elected (MeetnGreeter, curator, business developer, etc.) And given the award for it.

WelcomeCoin as currency

Paid advertising
WEL can be used to place targeted ads on the MeetnGreetMe platform, including blogs. Before the advertised product, service and place first of all needs to be proved by the local community.

We are considering adding an opportunity to pay for services MeetnGreetMe in the WelcomeCoins in the future.
WelcomeCoin as the exchange rate
MeetnGreetMe participants will be given a gift with the WELs to the following actions:
Creating content and creating together;
Bring new and MeetnGreeters guests on the platform;
Introducing the new partners that can be helpful for travelers;
Training MeetnGreeters community;
Refer to MeetnGreetMe to a friend;
Share information about MeetnGreetMe in social networking, blog etc.;
Curatorial platform

Such value exchanges can be appreciated not only by MeetnGreetMe, but by users of other platforms also by who is appreciative of the value delivered.

WelcomeCoin as a function of
There is a core action will be rewarded with a Community Development Fund of WEL:
Join the platform. New members will be awarded with the WelcomeCoins when performing certain actions associated with their registration as a new Member of the MeetnGreetMe community.

Outperformed the minimal requirements for the creation of the profile. Trust and decreases uncertainty to one another is a key factor to make a decision whether to interact with business partners or platform in General. Although there is a minimum requirement and it is up to the user to decide what information is to be given, they will be encouraged to provide more details, including the video intro, etc.

Involved with the platform. All members who are active on the platform – quickly responding to requests – will get WelcomeCoins. Also, MeetnGreetMe will give awards to the best performers MeetnGreeter WELs annually.

WelcomeCoin as a tool
MeetnGreetMe MeetGreeters charge a Commission fee from the transaction. In a p2p transfer forward will also be supported with minimum cost to run it.

• Pay for MeetnGreetMe travel concierge services with a discount;
• Pay for service partners (transfer, accommodation, event tickets, experiences, etc.) with a discount;
• Advertising on the platform MeetnGreetMe (in your profile, in the courtyard of the city, on a blog);
• Support the creator and co-creator;
• Thank you for the value that is delivered;
• Transfer to a friend;
• Party RSVP closed;
• Choose.
• Provide services MeetnGreetMe;
• Engage with platform;
• Create and create value in the platform;
• MeetnGreeter and new guests on the platform;
• Introduce new partners which could be useful for travelers;
• Train the community MeetnGreeter;
• Cf MeetnGreetMe to a friend;
• Share information about MeetnGreetMe in social networking, blog etc.;
• Help menguratori platform;
• Rental of space for advertising your profile.

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