Memority Decentralized, Ultra-Secure Storage of Valuable Data on the Blockchain

Memority is a platform that allows users to store encrypted data in a blockchain, combining the inherent security and permanence of this technology with the functionality of the cloud-based storage. The project offers several unique advantages over similar platforms, including full anonymity even from developers and APIs that can be used for programming custom extensions. Memority produces its own crypto, token MMR, which will become the main payment instrument of the project.

How the data storage platform Memority blockchain
Memority develops a decentralized platform that will allow users to store their data in a chain. For users, Memority will resemble a familiar cloud store, but the platform offers unique differences: the use of the block ensures that all data will be permanently saved, as they cannot be lost in the refusal of any The central server and its use of strong encryption ensures that even platform developers will never be able to access what users retain.

Users of Memority will need to pay for the service internal Crypto platform, Tokken MMR. However, users who place a whole copy of the blockchain on their computer (“full host”) will be able to use this service for free.
Memority also produces an API that can be used to create third-party applications that are treated to the service. The company encourages developers to use this service to maximize a wide range of applications and promises to reward every byte of data they attract to the platform.

The platform is still very advanced: The Open Alpha version was released in April 2018, and the beta version is scheduled for release in July. The full version will not be released until 2019 year.

Hoster-can receives MMR tokens for providing their disk space to memority platform users to store their data.
Developer-will is able to implement their ideas and create their own applications, using the infrastructure memority, and getting tokens for it MMR.
Miner-Receives rewards in the form of tokens MMR for supporting the performance blockchain its authority (miners can become only holders 10.000 and more tokens).

Details ICO memority
Token MMR is offered for sale from May 16 to October 1, 2018. The official ICO starts on May 31 from pre-sale until May, though, it seems the pre-sale is fully open to the public. Total to ICO was created 1 500 000 000 Tokenov MMR, although only 57% of them are available to the public.

During the ICO, the base cost of Tokenov is 0.10 US dollar each, though, it seems, the discount is granted throughout public sales; During the pre-ICO buyers receive a 20% discount and then ICO is divided into three stages with 15%, 10% and 5% discount, which lasts until the last day. Tokens require payment via Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and several currencies fiat.

It seems that ICO does not require any testing of its client, which can put the company in a dangerous position, as certain jurisdictions are becoming more rigid with the investments in the fastening system.

Memoritypresents an interesting idea, and its robust presence in social networks provides that the project has generated a broad interest. There are several other storage platforms based on a non-blocking, but as it shows its website, the main advantage of Memority is its release API, which allows developing new applications.
Investors in the token MMR should take into account that the platform that uses this token, which will not be released almost a year after its ICO.


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