MenaPay – Developing the Most Commonly Used Cryptocurrency In the MENA Region

MenaPay – In principle, Menapay-a payment gateway, with which you can effectively replace the old payment methods, using a protected crypto on the basis of the intellectual contract ERC-20.
In accordance with their telegrams chat they develop their own chain, called Menachain, for a faster transaction.

Here’s their structure ICO. As you can see, 64% of Tokenov will be reserved for ICO. What is really cool. 10% reserved for Bounty & airdrops. Another 10 percent is reserved for founders and partnerships, and St Martin’s Day are reserved for consultants and partners. (using funds) you should be wondering how they will use their funds, so 5% is reserved for Legal. 10% is reserved for business and development. 15% is reserved for operation and administration. The development and marketing department is reserved for 30%. 40% is reserved for marketing.
Where will it be used?

The Menapay project began in November 2017, and its goal was to create a payment gateway in the Middle East and Africa. But in these regions through the old banking system and conservative practices of Islam the region has several currencies. Well, here Menapay brigs-a solution to this problem by means of technology blockchain. Customers will be able to choose the optimal currency and unchecked, safely perform the necessary transaction.

Solutions to existing problems
If you are reading this article, you need to have a basic knowledge of how the Cryptohalite works and how fickle this market is. Volatility Cryptoalyta-The main problem that needs to be considered. Beginners are very difficult at once to enter into the world Cryptotovta and understand the peculiarities of the functioning of such services. Menapay provides a 100% verified decentralized solution for those who are tired of centralized, insecurity and slow banking services. MenaPay Now the transactions will become more secure and fast. 1 Menacash = 1 USD. So people don’t need to worry about volatility. The Menapay will also be your own desktop and mobile wallet. That allows operatively access to their finances, to carry out any necessary transaction extremely quickly and neatly.

Up to 1 billion dollars to the 2019 year
The developers of the project immediately stated about its ambitions-they are going to become a really important player in the segment of Cryptoalyta. Thus, they have a big goal to reach 1 billion market investment by the mid-2019 year. According to their data, to achieve this great ambitious goal they will reach up to 5 million active users with their premium trading campaigns and strong local marketing. They also create an offline reseller network to provide easy access to the high-alluvial world.

They have already collected 1 million dollars from 50 investors + Bogazici Ventures as the initial financing through the sale of Toykenov. There is also an active work on attracting large investors for the further development of the project.

What really enjoyed this project?
MenaPay Excellent project for ambitious purposes; An experienced team to achieve this goal; In-block payment gateway; Sharing 75% of total revenue and profit among owners of Menapay, users will definitely enjoy it; They will add security features, such as security recognition for safety. Such identification will protect users from fraudsters; Building a standalone reseller so that people can freely become part of a fortified world and strong marketing; In addition to any modern available Cryptoalta, you can buy a token through bank transfer and credit card. The use of features is supported by the service. In general, such exchanger is a really interesting and promising project.

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