MERCULET Embracing the Disruption of Investor-ConsumerProducer Relation

Merculet  -improving the Decentralized Commercial Civilizations. his for more details about this project let us discuss together but before joining the program ICO we must know first what is the project Merculet. Social networking can be regarded as the best available platform for attracting the attention of others. Snapchat and Instagram are two perfect social networking available to attest to the fact mentioned above. From the latest study conducted by Forbes, has identified that the total value of Snapchat will reach $3 billion in 2019. Similarly, the total value of Instagram will reach $10 billion in 2019. This is not a small value for negligent Whether social networking is getting the most profit? Well, there are two main streams of income for social networking. The first stream of income generated through user data.

On the other hand, these social networks sell advertising space to benefit as well. Content generated by people that use Merculet will point others to vote and view content. As a result, they donated their attention to social networking. However, the person responsible for making content will not receive any payment. Merculet wishes to challenge this system.

What is the purpose of Merculet?
The main objective of Merculet is to use the power of technology Blockchain to give a value on the information generated by the user. This can be useful for businesses and users. In other words, the attention of the user will be established through Merculet. The company will continue to analyze the value associated with the treatment of users and give them the appropriate rewards on a regular basis. In order for this initiative to be successful, Merculet will give life to the value chain. This is enhanced by the unique value of the evaluation system of the user’s attention, which is owned by the company. This system uses a system of multiple tokens to capture the user’s attention and ensure that ecosystems to function properly.
As you can see, Merculet has done a wonderful job of capturing user attention. After catching the attention of the user, he has to reset what is captured. Therefore, the content becomes more valuable. The capital is also being built around Blockchain. Because of all these reasons, the Merculet will have a tremendous future. People would like to use the Merculet to receive the prize while giving them attention. Likewise, employers and business owners will come to Merculet and get access to the user’s attention, that can help them take the commercial efforts to the next level.

Ecosystem Merculet
Entrepreneurs and business owners hope to catch user’s attention. Therefore, they will likely seek help from services like Merculet. A compiled tool provided by Merculet will be specific for entrepreneurs and business owners. For this reason, you will not find frustrating in using the tools available to them. UAT is the name given to the token Merculet. People who pay attention to UAT as they will receive a token. However, this token can only be used in Merculet ecosystems. Or, they can go ahead and change the UAT with MVP. The value of the transaction to the UAT MVP will differ from one to the other the UAT UAT. Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding of the value of the transaction before going for anything. The ability to Exchange UAT each other not yet implemented. However, the team eagerly waiting for Merculet that purpose.
If they can achieve that goal, they can give life to the full scale, the market can maintain user attention in a convenient way. However, to attract the user’s attention, it is important to focus on providing a user experience, rather than relying on large companies in social networks like Facebook and Snapchat.

Project Development Team
The founder of the project name is Ivan Jiang. He managed to graduate from the most prestigious business school in China. For some time he worked as a development engineer. After that, he managed to take the position of Chief Engineer in one of the subsidiary structures of SAP. There is also information that he has collaborated with developers from companies such as HP and Alibaba.

Another important team member is Zhen Cong Cvang. He used to work as a developer at HP. He then managed to obtain a senior Development engineer from the Chinese mission of a well-known Canadian company that consults clients on Technology and design. The top of the career of this talented man is the position of Chief engineer at Dell.

Other team members also have the experience to implement a project of almost any complexity.

The Merculet development team has not yet submitted a fully finished product. It is worth noting the fact that among developers there are those who have already managed to make successful ICO projects. These people have quite a lot of experience, so to doubt that Merculet will be at least an interesting project, not exactly worth
Token: MVP
Volume: 10 billion MVP
Softcap: 10000 ETH
Hardcap: ETHPrivate Sale: 31000 16000 ETH
1 ETH = 105000 MVP bonus (20%)
Minimum contribution: 150 ETH
Maximum contribution: 1000 ETH
Duration: 5 months (20% token launched per month, since the issuance of token) General Sales: 15,000 ETH
1 ETH = 87500 MVP
Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH
Maximum contribution: 5 ETH
There is no period of consolidation

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