Meritt Removes The Middle Man and the Fees And puts back into your hands

Meritt – About Protocol Meritt, Meritt is open source and Protocol for fundraising and publishing a free token and decentralized for individuals, communities, and small businesses. With the Meritt plug & play building protocol, you can create your own tokens are booked in advance, is this a token equity loan, token, token, token utility service, or asset token. Key requirements of the token You do in blockchain and run by smart contracts, provide transparency & certainty settlement. Personal information remains under your control and is expressed only on the basis of zero knowledge, Meritt does not store your personal information. To sell your token after made in Meritt Dapp, you can list them in the market after uncovering Meritt score, Meritt.
Meritt Protocol is a loyalty program that is used to reduce and increase liability to the company, through the use of block and too much loyalty program, to solve problems related to risk directly to consumers. Merit Peacock Peacock Integration MTT Meritt presents loyalty and loyalty programs. Cheapest with maximum security. In addition to the uncertainty and transaction costs are low, Meritt gave results more meaningful for business users and business partners who use the technology for lifting vehicles blocking the vehicle from the Centre.
It is mainly used in our eyes and in the country’s economic activities. According to the report, two-thirds of the average Americans use a points system from 30 different companies. For example, if you are flying with commercial aircraft, use the online store or credit card that you receive at any time. This product always receives a certain percentage of the purchase price when we buy bananas and rituals. For customers, reducing the price of goods and allowed them to buy goods and pay cash. For retailers, users can expect increased loyalty and encourage customers to focus on their admiration.
Users can easily integrate and manipulate meridian, achievement, and all the other things in the world. Service users can also easily replace mirror for a gift or coin. Meritt also includes an advertising channel that provides advertisers or coupons directly to the user’s portfolio, awards or business partners. In this partnership, Meritt attracts more customers and promote more customer loyalty program. In addition, buyers can buy Goods or Meritt Perchitman as replacement suggestions.
Any company that we compare launches loyalty program with the results. The market for this position is the billions of dollars and growing 6% per year. However, this means there are many types of accounts, because there is a lot of work around the world. In urgent circumstances, it is difficult to maintain and use the mirror customers. In fact, the results are not used for generating loyalty programs is lower than before and the negative impression towards the debt. Meritt is a decentralized solution based on a key that comes with the help of glasses and complete loyalty program. The main features of income in your pocket, money exchange, get food and shopping. Meritt
This project is a decentralized solution solves the problem of a loyalty program with eyes Meritt. Meritt reward bags, food, and souvenirs.
Counters, Etherea Merit developed as a platform that is compatible with ERC20 and coins have advantages without key technologies. A qualified audience-airlines, travel agents, the market leader, and online stores around the world. With these benefits, the prize will have a $1 billion in global markets, based on advanced technology are sophisticated, secure and easy to remember.
What is the problem of saving the project?
There is a problem as described below. The increase in debt: the Eye is not used is listed as liabilities. Falling demand and a decline in demand for consumer assessment have a negative impact on the company’s obligations to the more important reviews and finance. Loyalty programs Loyalty is lower: with eyes are low, companies cannot reach the program once as expected. Low awareness about how to count the social costs to customers and trade.
The complexity of control point: eighteen of the stored program, different, difficult to accompany the eyes and fill the Cup. This platform will be profitable. Platform stitches can be used by the user and the business. Use the benefits of MTT to change point of memory or the lens of the eye. Users can access advertising through ad channels, not the affiliate.
With the Meritt Wallet, you can manage and integrate many friends at once. The company has access to more customers so that they can sell their products in accordance with instructions. Model Exchange benefits help companies reduce their responsibilities with the impressions. Couples can promote greater customer loyalty through eating and eating.
Designation token MERITT
20 September 2018 Token distribution
The Symbol Token MTT
The standard token ERC20
MTT: ETH ETH = 1 MTT 5000
The minimum contribution of 0.1 ETH
The token supply # 1.2 billion
The token # 504 million available for distribution

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