MetaHash – The Fastest and Most Secure Cryptocurrency In the World

MetaHash – The modern world and its technologies do not stand still, many of us have not so long ago learned about such technology as blockchain, someone managed to use the services in the basis of which this technology was formed, someone did not have time, but I can say with certainty, in the future all The services will run on this platform. Today we will talk about the new blockchain, which promises to be the fastest on the market, an alternative to such existing Blokchejnam as Bitcoin and Jefirium.

Metahash – is a fresh blockchain, claiming about itself as a fast and cheap replacement for popular Blokchejnam. With its token, called Metahashcoin, support for smart contracts, decentralized applications, and browser-based cloud services, the platform can actually be a promising idea.
Metahash founded this year. Most of the company’s management is based in Moscow and the suburbs. The main businessmen: G. Nitkin (company Adsniper), A. Agranovskij (Renaissance Agranovsky IT) and B. Nashkin (advertising agency Adnow). They act Kotirovshhikami metahash. This project is the result of combining the efforts of three authors and the best specialists of their companies. They have invited for cooperation with a number of experts on international Marketing, PR, and business development.

In the white paper, Metahash listed a number of employees who give the impression of separated organizations. It is like the fact that the lion’s share of the work done on the site is performed by teams regrouped from the private companies of the co-founders. However, there are workers associated with Metahash.
The majority of employees are Russian citizens, so there is no information about them in English.

The Metahash network consists of four parts. Interconnected and built on the principles of cryptocurrency and blockchain, the components of the system form a single solution that allows multi-component decentralized applications to function in online mode. The technical complexity of the structure is hidden behind a convenient user interface, which makes it accessible to ordinary users.

In the following sequence the products are presented on the company’s website:

Trace chain is an alternative to the blockchain. This is a cryptographic book that checks the transaction in 3 sec., allowing to commit 5 billion daily transactions. The solution of the speed problem is achieved thanks to the automatic Samoobuchajushhemusja algorithm,  signals over the network. Starting from 50 thou. Transactions in 1 sec. (channel bandwidth 100 megabits), the speed increases with the increase in the number of nodes with an elevated limit of the amount of passing information that forms the core of the network and increases the reliability of the incremental data chains required for the operation Applications.

Metaapps is an analog of dapps new level created thanks to progressive intellectual contracts. Decentralized applications use Metahash network nodes. The Metaapps base code optimizes the placement of copies of the application, taking into account the resources required and the financial motivation of the owners of the networked hosts. Developers assure that these online applications can be developed using any of the programming languages. Any developer will be able to write and host applications on the system. And the owners of Metahashcoin will vote to make a decision to approve the application.

Metagate-A decentralized analog of the Internet, combining the functions of the directory for Dapps, providing direct access, and multi-purpose Kriptovaljutnogo purse. The open source interface uses the Tracechain protocol and allows you to work with Metaapps and networks. Third-party developers can use the Metagate code to implement Metaapps and Tracechain/blockchain functions in different programs and browsers.

Metahashcoin is the currency of blockchain, which should be used not only for transactions and payment of network services but also for storing information, controlling self-financing, launching Dapps and entering them into catalogs.
Token name: MHC
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Number of issued tokens: 92 000 000 MHC
Cost: 1 MHC = 0.0125 ETH
Payment: ETH

Metahash is a very ambitious project that tells us that blockchain technology can be improved. The developers have set a very bold goal, to become better than Bitcoin! Whether they do or not, we can learn only in the distant future, because, even if the project can be realized, such a mosquito will drink blood for a long time at the elephant to become the elephant himself. In theory, the project is painted very well, so we wish its developers good luck in its implementation. If you are interested in this project, you can read it in more detail on the links below.

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