MF Chain Ecosystem that Embraces all blockchains into a digital utopia.

MF Chain builds the future of blockchain, which starts with a program of payment and reward of customers and sellers. MF Chain helps to become a cryptocurrency, not just an investment, trading or speculative tool. Consumers, sellers, and businesses, both large and small, will now be able to use the convenience and safety that provide cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The MF network is based on the value of zero sales commissions, offering innovative rewards to consumers and sellers. MF Chain is specifically designed to create value for all parties involved in trading transactions. The company helps to build a digital economy, where consumers will be able to buy products and services with the help of any cryptocurrency.
According to forecasts, the market of trading payment systems will exceed 1 trillion by 2019. Usd. The United States. This forecast is supported by a growing consumer preference for digital payment systems and a wide increase in the use of mobile devices to pay for goods and services.
Company Vision
To create a digital economy where consumers can buy goods and services with any cryptocurrency from their favorite sellers. To have a place where seers and creators can collaborate to launch innovative distributed applications in the world that relies on interest-free transactions in any currency of their choice. A platform where developers support multilingual compatibility and a smart contracts library designed for rapid development and deployment. An ecosystem that encompasses all the block chains in a digital utopia.
MF mainnet
The modern financial network helps the world to introduce cryptocurrency as a means of payment, creating a global digital economy. Starting with the payment and reward program for sellers and consumers, making it easy to accept payments for the cryptocurrency.
MF Mainnet will not be like any other blockchain, it directs its capabilities directly into the flow of commerce and allows ICO and DAPP projects to directly use these resources. Using the DBFT/POS hybrid consensus method, MF main net will reach consensus with minimal energy consumption and environmentally friendly way. Using the stimulated offer of matrimony, MFM will achieve decentralization with thousands of globally distributed nodes.
The great vision of the modern financial circuit is MF main net with intelligent functions.

MF Chain plans to increase sales from 4.500 to 33.000 ETH during the pre ico and ICO. All ICO transactions are terminated by an intelligent transfer of the contract. Only members from the whitelist will be able to participate in the ICO. Any contributions sent from non-white list addresses will be rejected by the ICO Smart Agreement.
The MF network will only have access to 50% of the funds collected in the first half of 2018. These tools will be used for development, operations, and marketing. Unexpended funds will be unlocked in two stages.
The first phase will be unlocked after the full version of the Traders processing platform.
The second phase will open after the full version of MF manner.
To participate in the ICO MF Chain ico, potential platform users should be approved and added to the whitelist. MF Chain plans to launch two separate campaigns in white lists that will allow users of delayed to learn about the MF chain. All potential participants can apply at any stage of the “Whitelist” (for example, a participant who wants to contribute to the ICO stage can apply for the first step of the “white list”, this example is recommended).

Depending on the level of interest, the second stage of the whitelist may end earlier. All participants will be processed according to the requirements of KYC MF Chain. MF Chain cooperates with the Identity Mind and will consider all the information provided about OFAC, PEP, PSFI, EU and Freeze lists. Depending on the level of contribution, a state sample may be required. MF Chain complies with all local restrictions and restrictions; Therefore, residents of some countries will not be able to participate.
MF Chain ICO
Private offer: 4 April-25 April
For sale: April 25-May 15
ICO: May 15-June 15
ICO Caps and Timetable
Soft cap: 4.500 ETH (with built-in smart contract return function, if not received)
Hard cap: 33 000 ETH
The total number of MFX tokens is limited to 521 000 000.
1 Ether = 8500 MFX tokens.
ICO token Price: 1 ether = 8500 MFX Tokens
-33.000 ether common hard cap ICO
Minimum deposit-0.1 ether
-Maximum contribution-200 esters
Presale token Price: 1 Ether = 10 150 MFX Tokens
-5000 ETH Hard Cap

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