Microloans, The First Tool on The L-Pesa Platform

L-Pesa For most people in desperate need of loan capital. With a loan they could promote their business. If the loan is used properly then, their business will be quick, be developed. See the L-Pesa creates loan-based smart blocker, which can make people all over the internet to promote their business and become a successful entrepreneur. The visionaries reliable can take loans in the Aether or bitcoin and then can join in market L-Pesa that facilitate loan peer-to-peer lending service that constitutes the first crypto in Africa.
 L-Pesa is a company that has been validating model operations during the last 18 months and have built sophisticated technology, automate most operations. about 25%. There are four important market forces gathered for the scaling. Such as, Big data, Artificial Intelegence and Blockchain, alternative credit data, mobile technology, biometric identity. However, traditional microfinance have limited coverage, and the solution is targeted to poor peasants and small business owners. Middle-class consumers and business owners in developing countries could not file a demand for credit, but the current financial infrastructure in these countries
Does not support the underwriting credit. The market is currently showing a number of problems such as:
-Underwriting. Consumer and business credit report traditionally used to underwriting lending in developed countries are not generally available, and without the right loan underwriting will result in a high loss ratio.
-Lack of bank credit. Traditional bank loans are not widely available in the population of the developing world.
 -mikrofinance only targeting agriculture only on traditional microfinance institutions usually provide loans for poor farmers in rural areas. Middle-class consumers
have no access to microfinance
 Operating Model-obsolete bank as well as microfinance institutions already high costs overheadnya, struggle with a lack of data for underwriting loans, and generally failed to take
the advantages of the new technology
-Microfinance targeting poor people only at consumers, farmers, and small business owners in Indonesia. Developing countries above the lowest poverty level have little chance to get the credit.
Most consumer-un-banked. Many consumers, farmers, and small business owners in developing countries do not have a bank account.
  The solution to the hindrance has been presented above are described as : 
-Large Data, artificial intelligence, and Blockchain new tool allows storage of large amounts of data and analysis of extensive data at a fraction of the biayabeberapa years ago.
Progress in artificial intelligence allows the new underwriting loans to auto. Blockchain technology allows for faster, safer, and
Exchange rates are cheaper. Blockchain technology has just begun to revolutionize the financial services and will produce huge efficiencies the next ten years-blockchain described
as the internet money and financial services will do for the internet for information and trade.
Credit-Data Alternative. Recently a decade ago, there is little data available on the vast majority of people in the world. This has changed with the emergence of social media and related trends is a new tool that has been developed to make this data useful for decision-making in the underwriting of the loan. L-Pesa has developed a unique exclusive credit
assessment model based on user behavior combined with traditional and alternative credit data. Competitors L-Pesa have developed their own proprietary models. The experience over the next decade will lead to revised best practices, which eventually became the industry standard.
-Mobile Technology. The emergence of mobile phones over the last two years it has become one of the most profound, changes in technology and market in human history.  Most people now have a mobile phone, and a lot of its own smartphone. Mobile financial services such as M-Pesa has been available in many countries and supports both banked and a population that is not populated. Based on market penetration of mobile phones (smart phones and mobile-enabled) mobile services such as money, M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa and Paytm has very fast growth and have enabled L-Pesa.
-Biometric Identity. Traditional microfinance relies heavily on a large branch network since the identity verification, online and in person. Biometric ID systems Aadhaar India lead
world and have listed > 99% of the 1.2 billion citizens in India. Other countries expected to follow India’s successful implementation of biometric ID will be generated to dramatically reduce costs and ability to provide financial services without a physical branch network.
Key business model L-Pesa are:
● Back office system which is highly automated which allows almost complete task automation tasks
● Integration with service provider money moving to get loans efficiently
disbursement and collection of payment.
● Loan origination Process very efficiently – completely online and almost
fully automatic
● Proprietary credit scoring Model that has been adapted to the
35,000 first loans issued by L-Pesa produce under the loss ratio of 10%.
Advantages-L-Pesa Customers have access to affordable financing options
help them improve their lives
-Third-party capital Provider L-Pesa can use its own capital
get interesting results-shareholders and employees of L-Pesa can get reasonable results nvestasi and their workforce
Token L-Pesa
Token name: KRYPTON
Ticker token: LPK
The token owner: L-Pesa international business Ltd., Gibraltar.
Financial Auditors:
The token type: Ethereum ERC20
Total Token issued: maximum total 3.2 billion. The final amount of
the token that is created will count number of contributions end.
The final number will be published at the end of ICO.
Bonus: during the pre-sales, participants will be eligible to
the following bonuses:
A. Tier1-during the first 4 days-15%
b. Tier2-during the next 14 days-10%
c. Tier3-during the next 28 days-5%
d. Tier4-for 14 days last-0%
The amount of the bonus day
Airdrop for 30 days no Presale bonus, 30 days 25%, the level 1 4 days 15%, level 2 14 days 10%, level 3 28 days 5%, level 4 14 days 0%

WeBsite: https://kriptonofafrica.com
whitepaper: https://kriptonofafrica.com/static/pdfs/L-Pesa_ICO_white_paper_Jan_7_2018.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2873068.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kriptonlpk
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HbNNkBLQJkw7765Ri7tg7w
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LPesaMicrofin
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