Midex | Financial platform with LICENSED exchange

Midex is a modern platform based on blockchain technology, the main purpose of which is to conduct financial transactions. Today the market of cryptocurrency is only in a state of development. Every day the amount of cryptocurrency that people use in modern life is growing.

Despite the fact that its development is at its peak, the problems that concern the attachment of cryptocurrency to the bank account or the card remain relevant. Very often this is due to the fact that most users have not yet fully met the concept of cryptocurrency exchanges.
Due to the fact that the needs of the Kriptovaljutnogo market are growing, and the technologies they need do not have time to develop, consumers fall into a difficult situation. After all, in order to perform operations using cryptocurrency, very often they need to use several services. This approach takes a lot of time and money.

What are the main problems of Kriptovaljutnogo market?
 Most users may not understand all the features of cryptocurrency;
 The currency is rather unstable in its price;
 There is no price regulation in this market;
 Cryptocurrency is not so often used in the modern world.
The solution for all these problems is the Internet bank midex. Based on blockchain technology, the project guarantees users maximum protection and speed in carrying out all necessary operations.

Registered in the network users, platform Midex provides the opportunity to make purchases on the sites in any convenient for them currency. The bank converts the currency to the one required on the website and credited the balance to the buyer’s purse. Also, all Midex account holders will be able to use the bank card of this platform in order to make purchases, paying for them cryptocurrency and in the real world.

Due to the fact that the Midex platform does not need a huge number of offices and employees, it significantly reduces the cost of operations. That’s why users get the lowest possible prices for their transactions.

In order for all users to use the platform in the same way, the developers have entered a single internal currency – the MDX tokens. All users registered in the project will be able to purchase them on the official website of the platform during the ICO project. Their price is $1 for 1 token. One of the tokens sales rounds began on January 15 and will last until April 15, 2018. All purchased during the ICO coins users will be able to use for operations inside the platform.

Website: https://ico.midex.com/en
Whitepaper : https://promo.midex.com/Midex_EN.pdf
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Telegram : https://t.me/midexinfo_en

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