Mira-Universal Solution For All Types Of Crypto Currency

MIRA – Mira offers solutions that are appropriate for the purchase, delivery and currency cryptograph storage and is easily done by the user. Mira is a simple and effective way to earn money, save and send crypto. MiraLab is established as a P2P excahngeri encryption with block chaining. In doing so, it is meant to be simple and open experience. The company has been fruitful thanks to the investment and financial support from the makers of digital money. The company has realized that the activation of cryptoparas and shares has been growing rapidly in recent times. They see there is a gap in the development and acceleration of the cryptopara, and they turned it into a device P2P exchanges and finally to Mira software package.

Mira is a simple yet powerful way to change the secure, cryptopaque so that the desired users can easily sign up. The main element of the service is MiraBox, an encrypted container file that stores the token single or double. This can provide better security than other third-party storage, stock exchanges, or a wallet.

MiraLab using container Mirabox, universal solution for all types of currency crypto, to give a good protection and the ability to send and receive currency crypto. Mira is a platform containing the encrypted file encryption keystore. To open this box you will need to obtain a password and abide by a set of specific requirements.

MiraLab offers three types of container MiraBox: NominalBox, MultiBox and SmartBox. NominalBox is a container that is filled with only one type of cryptopara. SmartBox is actually the MultiBox, but has a number of arbitrary scale currency with intelligent integrated contract that allows us to customize the different extraction conditions.

Encrypted containers that store a token or a file. Now any user can buy and store kriptocurrency, then it would be as simple as downloading and sending files. Use of cryptocurrency has never been so easy.

To buy cryptocurrency, users visiting a web site or open an application of Mira, choose the required crypto, pay and download the encrypted file that contains the address of the wallet (one or more, in which funds will be saved) and the private key from him. Along with the file, the buyer accepts the word password.

Every user can upload this file into the Mira and discover what the contents are. But they need the password to open it. So the service will always know whether MiraBoxis already open or not. for know about Mira in detail and sources of information visually please watch the following video.

The Workings Of The Mira
The solution is very easy-to-understand Mira. Mira will operate a suite of software which a person has the option to choose one of three types of container MiraBox. A container is simply an encrypted file that can be opened only by using a password, and (if applicable) eligible contract.

Here are three (3) types of containers that MiraBox has to offer:
NominalBox — a container for only one (1) kriptocurrency. This container is the easiest way to buy cheap and crypto.
MultiBox — container for some crypto-power and the option to add the document to 25MB.
SmartBox — MultiBox with integration contracts. Smart contract is basically one or more set of conditions that must be met before the embedded container SmartBox can be opened and accessed.
Because the container is MiraBox is a file, they can be stored on your computer, sent through the mail, or stored in a device that saved the file.

The company also offers token MIRAwhich can be used for payment transactions when using the Smartbox and Multibox with users. About 25% or 35% of the rest of the token is left will be used, but the rest will be burned and sold in the market. Some paid services to Fiat currency, which helps the company to cover the running costs of the platform. MiraBox technically does not store any crypto, the box can only encrypt a public or private key. This means that the siptoparas in the user’s wallet. MiraBoxes service, online service Miralab.io, MiraWallet, mobile desktop application copy service online, and Ethereal-based blockzinciri-based MiraNet.

The biggest difference offered other crypto services of Mira is providing solutions for storage and delivery of currency off-leash chain crypto. MiraBox will give users full control over money by downloading the USB drive or by e-mail without paying any Commission. Mira protect user passwords or identity with serious and sell or buy MiraBox; doesn’t make any pressure to create an account or a wallet

In tokennya name is MIRA. The number of tokens that must be sent is 30 770 000 MIRA. the number of tokens that will be sold is 24,000 000 MIRA.
Pre-Ico is between 27 November and 29 November and finish. The price is $0.6 in tokennya. But you don’t miss that opportunity. The sale of the ICO will be done between 01.02.2018-28.02.2018 and will wait 24 million talents of MIRA. Softcap is $5 million and $20 million is HardCap. The price of the Ico is as follows;
The first 4 500 000 MIRA = $0.7, $0.8 = MIRA 4 500 000, next 4 500 000 MIRA = $0.9, then 7 200 000 MIRA will be offered for sale in the refrigerator. The minimum purchase is $100. There is no limit on the maximum intake.

Website : https://miralab.io
Whitepaper :https://miralab.io/Mira_WhitePaper_EN.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2367768.msg24142474#msg24142474
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