Mix.Rent Offers Users a Fully Working Marketplace to Rent Vehicles

Mixrent Traveling to different countries of the world, many people who have a driver’s license, turn to such services as rent of vehicles. It allows them to travel comfortably in other cities and to visit various attractions with the maximum level of comfort. That is why this service is very popular.

However, today this service has certain drawbacks. The first and most significant of these is the lack of trust between tenants and landlords, caused by the lack of services that allow ratings and leave feedback. The second, but no less significant drawback is the lack of a global rental platform that allows you to book a particular car from your country before departing to another state. Another drawback is the high cost of services.

Due to high popularity and wide distribution of virtual currencies, There was another problem in this sphere – the lack of possibility of using cryptocurrency.

Also, the disadvantages of this area include unsatisfactory quality of the car, hidden fees, leading to large waste, as well as the lack of direct contact between the tenant and the landlord, as in most Cases, the car is delivered by third parties.

All these shortcomings will solve the new global platform for renting vehicles called MIX RENT.

Purpose of the project
The main goal of the developers of the decentralized platform Mixrent is to create a global ecosystem that allows you to open a new and more comfortable travel format, allowing customers to feel the maximum level of comfort when renting absolutely Any vehicles, from scooters to yachts.

Working principle
The following persons will take part in the MIX RENT platform:

Persons involved in the delivery of vehicles;
If it is necessary to receive in the personal order of any type of transport the tenant turns to the MIX RENT platform for help, where he can choose the mode of transport, its characteristics, the route by which he intends to move, as well as the place of delivery Transport. If necessary, the client can independently make a route using several types of vehicles.

After all the procedures are completed payment of services with a smart contract, which records all the conditions of rental of the vehicle, and all data on the transaction is entered in Blockchain, which ensures transparency of the transaction.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the funds made by the lessee are frozen until the return of the vehicle. In the event that the vehicle has been successfully returned to the owner, the smart contract is thawed and all participants in the rental and delivery process of the vehicle receive their reward in the form of MIX tokens. In addition, each participant is given a certain rating, allowing in the future to determine the integrity of the client and the quality of services provided by the landlord.

Provided that the vehicle has not returned, the arbitral tribunal shall commence. In this case, a message is sent 300 to the judges. The first 10 judges who have withdrawn are considering the case. The information downloaded from Blockchain is considered as case materials. The decision on the tenant is based on the majority of votes.
It should be noted that within the network you can use both the fiat currency and the MIX tokens. However, unlike the first, the virtual currency implies the use of a minimum commission fee.

Dates and details of ICO
 At the moment the private sale of coins is carried out. From the 18th to the 28th of December there will be a pre-sale of MIX tokens at the cost of 0.005 dollars per coin. The public sale of tokens will be held between the 18th and the 25th of January, 2019. The cost of coins in this period will be 0.006 dollars.

Mixrent Based on the fact that this project is based not on one idea, but on the real existing business, operating today in the U.S., Russia, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and Australia, its success is guaranteed. At the moment the service MIX RENT already has more than 9.5 thousand vehicles and more than 12 thousand customers, which is quite a good indicator for the start.

Investing in this project today will bring not only good income but also the convenience of travel while traveling to other countries of the world.

Website: https://mixrent.io
WhitePaper : https://mixrent.io/documents/wp_en.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032670
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mix.rent.team
Twitter : https://twitter.com/MixRent
Telegram : https://t.me/mixrent
Medium : https://medium.com/@mixrent

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