Module – Blockchain 4.0 Technology

Module platform which is based on blockchain technology that allows users to earn on their gadgets (mobile phones, tablets, etc.), laptop, PC. How exactly? Very simple. They will use (rent) free memory, such as your phone. In addition, the blockchain platform Module can be cheap and easy to develop DAPPS (decentralized applications). In addition, they did not forget about the privacy and security of user data. This will be realized through the system when the access key gets not one user, but it is divided into parts and distributed to a group of devices.
Judging by roadmap and WP, Module developers will launch their platform by January 2019.
The Module team states that the platform will be popular in low-income countries. This is due to the fact that it will be possible to mine with a regular gadget. Widespread use is one of the main features of the potential success of the Module project.
Main problems:
 To date, according to statistics in our world sold more than 1 billion. Smartphones a year. There are also estimates that by 2020, about 6 billion will be used. Smartphones. On average, the phone’s memory is 32 Gb., which users do not use until the end. Multiplying the data of this statistic, we can conclude that we do not use a large number of flash memory smartphones, which could bring many benefits.
If you connect the unused memory of laptop, tablets, and PCs here, there are huge figures of free memory that can be included in the system.
 There is a great demand for data warehousing worldwide. From a variety of businesses to state-level institutions, where everyone is required to quickly and securely place their data. How to say – “demand gives rise to supply”. A proposal that is ready to offer the blockchain project Module.
 Monopolization and centralization of mining.
You don’t have to go far. The first cryptocurrency-bitcoins can be cited as an example. His maining is already almost at the monopoly level, where a simple “mortal” is almost impossible to eThe module module offers a new algorithm-POSTT with which any user of the system can earn.
Technical part of the project:
Using the POSTT algorithm (confirmation of location, time and operation) will allow the user to lease his unused memory in the smartphone. In this way, mining is “included”, the result of which will depend on the free capacity, the time of use, and the type of transactions and where they occur.
The Cloud Storage Network is a P2P technology that will also use Module. It uses client-side encryption to help you not rely on a third party. With its help there is a reduction of energy consumption, and also the direct payment is realized.
Secret sharing is another technology that Module will use to ensure the privacy of the user’s information storage system. This is done by dividing a large segment of data into smaller ones, which in turn are stored in different locations. This technology will allow you to use the blockchain Module in different industries, where privacy and high security of data storage are required.
MODLis a token that will be used to calculate within the system.
There are 3 types of nodes in the Module system:
1. Verifier – divides data, requests storage permissions.
2. Farmer – Receives payment for data storage and provides the capacity where data will be stored.
3. Miner – Provides blockchain support. His duties include monitoring of transactions and SMART contracts, generation of blocks, network maintenance.
The system will use GAS to ensure that transactions are executed.
In the Blockchain project Module most of the team from Japan. Each member of the team is detailed on the site. There are also links to LinkedIn.
A great team from Japan with good experience in development and marketing, which is a big plus. We will see the first result of the project in October 2the 018 – launch of the test version of the MODL App. Judging by the roadmap, we will be able to touch the final project in early 2019.
Also one of the big advantages is the company partner Icobox, which has repeatedly shown its professional approach in promoting blockchain projects.
The main idea of the project looks interesting and most promising from the point of view of business, because the demand in the market is huge.
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