ModulTrade Become a holder of a new instrument for value exchange with a huge potential to grow

ModulTradeBlockchain technology used in Trade Finance. The technology is promising a lot of things to You but the failure to use this technology cases progressed to the next stage. Trading finance become the exception to the user. The community needs a new approach that uses this technology. This approach uses information from logic blockchain.This will give a good transformation for all of your business. Businesses large and small have the perfect future. This technology will use a process of trade finance on a new platform. This is a clear goal can give easy access to the importer and the exporter.

Consulting services and publishing credits will be used to serve the customers. This is a radical change that could bring open system and automatic. This is a transparent platform that could replace the belief system. The trust mechanism is a system that is not practical because the system can harm others. This system could also be detrimental to the company.

Automatic Platform
Financial trading using the check automatically. The system also performs automated underwriting and technical possibilities for everyone. SMES have great opportunities to grow their business in the global market. Businesses can get a large buyer or customer base. Businesses can also learn to get a chance to compete in the global market. E-commerce will develop rapidly so that SMES can get the large export opportunities in the global market. Competition in the global markets can only be done by multinational companies but this has changed. Small businesses can reach out to global markets through a digital line.

The Democratization Of The Banking Industry
This disorder can be addressed with the instruction for payment services and technology blockchain. Fintech providers make the instructions easy to understand. This process can handle customer account and payment transactions easily and cheaply. The system can interact with other accounts in a secure process and not using other intermediaries.

You do not need an intermediary in world banking so you can lower transaction costs and increase efficiency in those costs. SMES have to face a lot of problems because of its small production capacity. There are many business proposals that are rejected by the banking industry.

Troubleshooting For SMASH
This platform can handle issues with business. These systems work to remove the big issues in global trade. The problem consists of a lack of trust from others, the complexity of the trading system, and an expensive entry fee. Small businesses still doubted the ability of the buyer. Employers are afraid to trust the buyer. This problem can be overcome by the banking system. This system will create instruments for trade finance. The instrument consists of a Garage and Credit Bank Letter. This system targeting certain importers and exporters. This relates to the size of the business. Medium scale could use this system.

Financial business system can increase the cost pressure on the client and the bank. Limited scale can give additional pressure on the customer. The provider of this business will benefit by providing the latest approach to their clients. Customers can get a bad experience. If you look at it from the point of view of the bank, then you do not find the problem. This system can know the customer experience because of the scoring system. This is a problem that can be addressed with technology blockchain.

Could it be mendemokratisasikan Global trade?
All of this is a matter of perspective, if you want to maintain the same old system, keeping the same organizations fail in business or do you want to break the status quo for the better? In the world of trade, banks sit and act to manage the process, with certain costs. They charge a fee for an account, https://modultrade.iothey charge you to move your money from your account and then charge you when you want to buy and sell abroad. But they work for you and use your money to make money.

The business world is redeemed with a process that is inefficient and expensive that empower and enrich the financial institutions that have little or no incentive to reform the system. But the reforms will come, a change is taking place and ModulTrade are in the front guard, led the way.

How? Simply through technology blockchain, the principle of reasonable and make sense of the technology distributed ledger may have been covered by insistence and pop Bitcoin alternative currency and yet the fundamental strength of the design blockchain us make it secure as the cornerstone on the planet. And the source is ideal for building a new world of business, where the Fund has proven to be the original account to sign in to create an open system that is secure, regardless of the size or location of the business that can be found and Transact , without any intermediary agents and intermediaries screwed up the process.

Banks that run the system say that that’s how it is, that this way of operating because it is the way they operate, always operate and they know best. Yet every major financial institution facing failure or prosecuted do cheating in the last 5 years.

So, imagine a world where through your mobile phone, you can buy and sell directly with peers through the power of smart contracts knowing that you will be paid, on time and in full. No delays, no additional costs, no compounding risk. That world, that vision made real by the ModulTrade, today.

Small business can be a part of global trade?
Little people it is often bypassed or skipped in the sports field. The business world does not seem too different: small business, agile, and intelligent are often ignored and their ideas are ignored by corporate giants with hard maintain their territory. However, because the business like Google and Facebook have pointed out, if you change the rules of engagement, you can fundamentally change the future in less than 20 years.

In today’s world, game changer is technology ledger distributed, better known as the Blockchain. These technologies are set to change every aspect of the digital economy is good for the consumer or business. A pioneer in adopting blockchain technology for business is expected to be able to become a household name within a relatively short time.

They are companies, such as ModulTrade, which has been using the deep understanding of business and international trade to establish and build up the way business is better and more just in doing business globally. Key success factors to capture market attention is the ability of the team to put customers at the heart of the process and empower them. In this way any business can play a role in trade without relying on the middleman,  in the end of the business.

For small or medium businesses or even micro, the challenge is how to plant, reaching new markets and reduce the risk associated with the payment, the credibility of the counterpart and the delivery of the goods. ModulTrade Value of this equation solve the Ecosystem by providing the environment in which business can introduce himself, find opportunities, gain trust through transparency of contracts and increase their reputation capital.

Whether business will join? The challenge for new business is service adoption: one can be skeptical, failing to understand its benefits or just miss the point. This may be especially true for conventional services, which often foster gives a limited benefit coverage. ModulTrade system, on the other hand, provides a broad spectrum of benefits for the business.

Rather than just a cost-cutting exercise, can help businesses remove lock, stock and barrel. Rather than just a trade directory, this is a community like Linkedin network system. Built in the entire supply chain to combined, he connects with each constituent part, give the process unhindered direct from manufacturers to end users or resellers.

For the community and to maintain the level of adoption, ModulTrade will focus on some of the major market sectors, where the level of imbalance in risk versus return have isolated the industry of much-needed change. The launch of the platform, within 6 months after the sale of tokens, campaign will involve education, explanation and test the market. Businesses will be invited to join in creating a market where profit margins they can be used to support the growth of their own rather than paid to middlemen.

ModulTrade Value Ecosystem running in Blockchain. Micropayments will keep the process running and the cost to businesses would be included in the sale of a single product, without implying the need to close the bulk orders. A sequence of short runs can work a small speculative purchases, is shipping the same manufacturing production outside China.

While the network is owned by ModulTrade, profit is not estimated as a monopoly that increase prices for big gains over a commodity or market access. Returns a business rooted in the principle of “make it work, make it fair, make it transparent and people will see the benefits and use it”. ModulTrade understand that business owners are not rational, but they are often forced to work in a way that is surely because the bank they created a blockade of trade.

When they will be shown a better way to control the terms of their trade, they will come in a big way. ModulTrade don’t need to exploit its customers to make money, he won by giving them what they need. And it works on their behalf to keep it delivered.

How to connect ModulTrade platform 400jt SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES with global trade?
When the founders of the first get together and created what we now know as ModulTrade, we immediately know that we want to give a chance and opportunities for SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES that have a bigger trading partner with global trade. The next question we ask ourselves is, how?

Blockchain technology has changed and is still changing how businesses operate. While traditional banking institution in the world of rest, we identify the broad scope and opportunities the technology offers blockchain to global trade, for the better, and make the decision to take this from an idea on paper to trade products thoroughly from end to end.

By utilizing technology-based block smart contracts, our goal is to build the ecosystem valued according to global trade. The structure of the value chain of digital real-time, accessible anytime, from anywhere in the world. This will display the solution cost effective and provide a springboard for fintech supports the development in the future.

With blockchain technology as the basis for our ecosystem, this platform will work by connecting users through four main components:

Multi-platform side of multi platform-based Blockchain: to replicate the trading of financial instruments the bank (letters of Credit and Guarantee) and to offer users of this service in a way that is reliable and cost-effective, as well as connect it to other services. such as logistics and insurance;
Platform related services trade: to facilitate trade execution through a 3rd party service provider 3 mis. Payment, logistics, financing, tax and bookkeeping;
Network Trade: to facilitate Reputation & monetary transaction users within their reputation capital became a collaborative function has a good reputation in the ecosystem;
Market: to find a reliable counterparty globally and make a choice of the goods and the price is optimal. And in this framework, ModulTrade ethereum based token, MTRc, will be used as the key for the users to meet, committed and trade – all in an environment that is reliable, safe and secure.

Why are ModulTrade and why the MTRc?
The current system does not work well: the current trade financing system (e.g. letter of credit) is not efficient and profitable big companies that have the scale/volume to support a process that is scary, while a more business small was left out of the global trade for cost prohibitive as a result, 56% of SME’s financial proposal was rejected (large corporations face the rejection rate of 34% and multinational corporations declined only 10% of the time).

ModulTrade will empower small businesses: Smart Contract will replicate the platform ModulTrade as instruments such as letters of Credit at a lower cost. In this way, small businesses no longer need to apply to the bank for a letter of credit or similar assurance.

ModulTrade will facilitate global trade: Smart Contracts will be used on the platform of ModulTrade to replace the workflow processes that take time, dramatically reducing costs. Cross border transactions are complex and associated services (e.g. freight, insurance, tax etc.) Can be done without the Special Office of the Department, but only with a slight touch on Smartphones. The cost to find a reliable counterparty and network-related business will drop significantly.

With the MTRc, will be easier to trade and develop new fintech solutions: with the MTRc, each user will be able to conduct trade in real-time, globally and cost effective. Any developer will be able to avoid a large development costs by utilizing ModulTrade technology infrastructure platform, that its use will be charged to the end user

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