Monvid is a Decentralized Peer 2 Peer Streaming Platform


Monvid People all over the world love watching videos from different things. Currently, watching videos on the internet on many platforms has become very popular. But it has some other problems, for example, when you travel to other countries from the rest of the country or region. To solve this problem, Monvid is taking a big initiative to solve this problem. Monvid is the world’s first paid streaming video platform based on blockchain technology.
It is not based on a centralized network that can circumvent restrictions, filters, censorship to provide users with an excellent video streaming service. And the most amazing part-free advertising. Monvid also releases its own cryptocurrency, which is called the MVID token, so that users can benefit from the token.
Current situation:
The main problem of the system is to provide the system without limitations. But in the existing system, it is very easy to limit any video content for a particular country or region and censor the original content. In addition, there are many announcements on almost all existing platforms. In addition, the subscription price is much higher on many platforms. In addition, almost 2 billion adults who do not have official bank access or do not have credit cards. Traditional video streams can only accept payments through credit cards, PayPal or gift cards. Most consumers live in cash and do not pay for it. But Monvid takes crypto as a payment and allows users to use their digital wallets cryptocurrency.

Why Monvid:
The Monvid platform uses a P2P or peer-level network. Here, peer means a computer system in which computers are connected to each other over the Internet. Each computer works as a file server together with the client, so the central server is not needed to store files. The P2P system is very fast and it can move files directly from one computer to another without any problems.
Streaming Monvid retains continuity, flexibility, and privacy. Monvid also encourages content creators to do more content because it rewards users with a token MVID for creating quality content. The user can also reward the creator of the content by giving him or her tokens. Because the Monvid token is based on the Blockchain Ethereum technology, the transaction is completely secure and transparent.
Original coin offer (ICO):
As mentioned earlier, the Monvid token name is a MVID token. Monvid produces about 200m tokens, and 70% of tokens will be put up for sale. The ICO period began on April 15, 2018, and the main sale started on June 1 and will continue until August 31. Investors will also receive a bonus for the purchase of tokens during the ICO period. will be given a bonus of 30%, which will buy tokens in the first 7 days after the sale. Investors will receive more bonuses if they invest more than 10 Ethereum (ETH). The token price is set from $0.05 to $0.10. Already 60M tokens have been sold so far. For more information, you
Conclusion :
Monvid started a major initiative, solving one of the main problems of modern life. Monvid promised its users to give them the best video streaming experience. They have the vision to provide free-of-advertising, no-limit and faster video streaming platform. The Monvid team works very hard to achieve their goals. This is a very promising company, so it is obvious that the company succeed in the future and the price of tokens MVID to get the benefit in the future.

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