Monvid – The traditional Way of Video Streaming is Gone!

Monvid – The developers of the unique decentralized project Monvid do everything to ensure that future generations receive a new quality of digital content transfer. Stream a variety of videos at no cost, watching TV online with great savings-this is what users of the decentralized platform Monvid can get. Streaming video is a very popular service, today there are many services that try to provide their customers with quality service. But practically all platforms of this typeface problems-poor broadcasting, too inflated requirements to the equipment, high prices for such content. The developers of Monvid are confident that their project will be able to solve some of the existing problems-this is what created a unique platform with constantly updated functionality.

A revolutionary solution for a popular segment
This fundamental, scalable platform has everything you need to bring streaming to a whole new level. Consumers, as well as creators of quality content will be able to establish mutually beneficial cooperation. In this case, blockchain allows you to avoid problems with fraudulent schemes and other features of unstable centralized service. Significant cost savings, as well as time saving, are what users of the decentralized Monvid platform get. The developers are sure that the popularity of their project will grow rapidly in any case. We have already managed to attract investors who are really willing to invest in the development of the platform. In the future, the functionality will only improve.

The problem that Monvid solves
Connoisseurs of quality content regularly face various problems when subscribing to popular services. Often it is too high cost, low quality of the offered content. In such situations, many people abandon popular resources, prefer to look for available alternatives. But why use pirated resources if you can get access to high-quality licensed content. Just take advantage of the features of Monvid.

Blokchenj allows the platform to easily circumvent any existing filters, as well as limitations-here content providers will be able to provide their customers with an excellent opportunity to enjoy the video at an affordable price. Almost always the platform works in accessible mode-no problems with search, purchase, and also the subsequent loading and viewing of the chosen content.

Monvid functions
The platform is designed exclusively to enable users to broadcast/view high-quality video content. In this case, the developers provide several opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. You can search for a specific video and negotiate with its owner-the intellectual contract will ensure the safety of the execution of such a transaction.

In addition, the Monvid platform can be used as an online TV. Monvid Here will be presented a huge number of a channels-each user of this decentralized project will be able to view the video, which fully corresponds to its features and preferences. The lack of need for cooperation with intermediaries is another important feature of the platform. This approach allows you to save a great deal-the creators of content do not have to spend time and money to pay off the platform, providing their services for the placement of video.

Some other important advantages:
Monvid Buying Project Tokens (this is a necessary condition for those who want to become a full-fledged part of the Monvid community and perform any required transactions quickly, securely), you can count on several bonuses offers at once. A great opportunity to get the required number of tokens at a favorable price;
opportunity to participate in testing the product Monvid-now the platform is being actively developed, so that very soon everyone could take advantage of its features;
No danger-all data remain confidential, fraudsters will not be able to acquire the information of users, or get access to their funds.
Now the developers are actively looking for investors for the latest upgrade of Monvid functionality.

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