MoonLite Mining Aims to add Value to all Token Holders by Employing the Latest Technology

MOONLITE  presents an opportunity to hold a token in operations kriptomining industrial scale new scale that focuses on efi-siensi using Artificial Intelligence and Custom Algorithms, and pros-tabilitas by using the source low energy and air-energy sources anyway. We will build our data centers in countries where such contractual diaan-clean and green, reliable, cost effective, and stable politically.
MoOnLite project will operate in the Crypto-Currency Mining, and plan starts with the most is Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash & Litecoin on an industrial scale. The operation will begin in the month of Agustus2018 and aims to be at the time, one of the company’s pertamba ngan global crypto. MoonLite will incorporate a number of new technologies and systems that will work in synergy to maximize benefits and efficiency of large scale kriptomining.

The result of the operation of Mining will be divided as follows:
Dissolve the percentage to fiat currencies for operational costs and traditional investment, reinvest investment into opera-tion, and other blockchain & crypto opportunities.
Maintain a certain percentage of crypto-currency for apresi-asi and value investing, invest through on some hedge funds and investing, crypto although there are other traditional investment channels.
Keep a certain percentage of the currency that will be used by Crypto kan for planning purchases and expansion tools.
Current Currency
All currencies which are mined (rewards) will be payable at the prescribed threshold. This threshold will be prepared so that the payment of prizes is carried out every day, or twice a day. This payment will be paid from the pool to the mining of our heat bag with the requirements for individual multisig currency. At the end of each day, or as often as needed, fill in the full heat of the wallet will be transferred to our cool wallet for secure storage. We’ll have a cool wallet for each currency, and have a spare wallet in case of theft, breakage or failure of the main wallet. All of the private key will be stored in a safe in our bank.

There will not be a copy of the private key that is stored, printed or disim-pan elsewhere. Periodically, but at least 2 weeks, MoonLite will liquidate 60% of newly mined currency into the currency of the currency. This will be used for the payment of operational costs to vendors who do not accept bitcoin as payment method. Fiat currency balances will be invested in traditional investment and invested through our investment arm, Capitevo Investments. 20% of mined currencies will be preserved, and will be at the pagari-for the purchase of additional equipment to expand operations 20% of mined currencies will be stored in a cool wallet and is considered an investment denominated in crypto, and actively traded by our team of special crypto traders.

The opportunity lies in the ability of generating significant benefits from large scale mining agriculture because of his difficulty level has been stable for many currencies. Other currencies are still at a relatively low level of difficulty and this was a good chance for pe-new nambang sizes appropriate to the operation.
MoonLite will be dedicated ASIC and special equipment to mine:
Bitcoin, and derivatives of bitcoin.
Dash (the former Dark Coin).
Ethereum depending on the profitability of the moment.

MoonLite Mission
MoonLite mining aims to give added value to all holders of the token by using the latest technology, launched in the most efficient manner, and is run by the most appropriate team to meet and exceed all targets performance and growth.

MoonLite would embrace young people, technology, fun, and stylish destination for the best available talent maker. We embrace Technology Blockchain, and will continue to promote the company and team in parallel. We invite you to make history in the currency of the crypto and space mining by investing in the creation of one of the largest mining and ranching most unique in the world. The uniqueness of our mines will help us solve a number of problems first, such as the bangan-cooling, power consumption and construction of capital facilities. MoonLite will publish MoonLite Tokens (MNL) through smart contracts that have been audited and tested

Competence And Core Strength
The power will be reached in the introduction and maintenance of security and redundancy:
Some currencies stable mined.
Some ponds are managed, as well as with the local node.
Some power supply and internet connection.
Some of the mining site.
A backup server.
Some of the cool and cold storage wallet.
A spare PSU, hardware, and systems.
Only the best talent will be invited to be part of the team, and will have all the Cryptography, network, and hardware maintenance. The company will strongly capitalized, and highly liquid investments, while menghasil a significant operational advantage right under the management team of effective and goal-oriented.
Market Capitalization To Float Currency:
Currency after mined will be broken down as described before. The share of currency to be liquidated will be sold on the stock because there is an increased supply of individuals and companies who ask to buy the currencies of crypto for trade and investment. This request diperkira kan will not subside.

Currency Of Mines:
Bitcoin: $252,419,830,420
Bitcoin cash: $41,558,084,293
Ethereal: $93,405,070,461
DASH: $8,964,815,433
Litecoin: $12,743,719,310
Our mining operations will not have a significant market share in global mining operations; But it will be the largest operating penamba-ngan in South Africa, we will easily be able to develop further because of the nature of the operations that are very nice and vibrant nightlife.

A Summary Of The Data Center
Our first data center would initially be leased, with the non-mandatory option provided in the future. Our Data Center will be located by using the following strategies:
Close to the main relay station
Preference to clean and renew energy
Large open warehouse
Separate and secure office space
In regions with surplus energy is available in the local grid (without the need of
For improved urban infrastructure)
Within the boundaries of the safe
Work with team members to speak in United Kingdom
Distribution Of Capital

Allocation of capital will be outlined as follows:
Operational asset 28.00% = $4 200,000.00
The operational reserve 13.33% = 0.00 $2
The Advisory Team is 2.00% = $300,000.00
Backup 56.67% = $8 500,000.00
It should be noted that the equipment can easily be sold on local and international markets with the same purchase price because high-taan permin and low supply the miners. This is a good protection against the risk of decline and failure of the project. Cash on hand will be used to cover the costs of unplanned and ad-hoc expansion possibilities to other data centers. This value is immediately liquid and not risky.

Data Center Team:
3-5 years technical experience and it network is responsible for:
Hardware error fixed if possible
Make sure the miners and the data center up time
Keeping a specific server role
Affect change on miners
Monitor the miners and mining statistics
Daily reporting to the Operations Manager
Cable and network

The development of the concept of Narrowing February 2017 &
The seed Funding stage pre-sale begins — the White Paper and the Website is released on November 24, 2017
Iron for sale Previously closed 17 February 2018
Audit results the Intelligent Released 10 January 2018 Released
Pre-public offer stage 1 Opened (100%-300% Bonus Token) 05 January 2018 at 12:00 GMT
Phase 1 of Pre-Sale Closing & Phase 2 Unlock (50% Bonus Token) January 31, 2018 at 12:00 GMT
Pre-sale phase 2 Closing
February 14, 2018
ICO Main Sales Opened
February 28 at 12:00 GMT
ICO Closing
March 15, 2018 at 12:00
Start Data Center 02 Apil 2018
Network installation and Start Mining
July 2, 2018
The opening of the official Data Centre & Pertambangan1 began operations August 2018

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