Moozicoreis a recreational music service for places where music is needed for customers. It’s also a mobile app that can turn neutral background music into your favorite, from everyday playlists. Unlike such services as Spotify, Tidal, the music on Moozicore will be fully licensed and approved by the copyright owner. The owners of the companies that have concluded contracts with Moozicore, get access to resources from more than 20 million tracks.

The purpose of Moozicore is to personalize the musical accompaniment in various places, applicable to the tastes and needs of their visitors. This is achieved by the fact that customers use the mobile application from the creators of the project. With the help of it they can choose different songs, with the possibility of voting, interacting with others, for example, the visitors of the bar or sports hall.
The activity of the Moozicore project involves remuneration of music authors. Users of mobile applications using Mzi & MZG tokens will use network resources. These tokens, which work on the Ethereum blockchain, can be purchased in almost any form of cashless payment.
I will cite the work of Moozicore on a simple example. You are a user of this mobile application. When you come to the gym, which is also a member of this project, you no longer need a player to listen to your favorite music. Through Moozicore you can create background music from your favorite tracks, if there are several users, it is achieved in the order of the queue. The same system applies to other institutions.

Just imagine. You get a smartphone, find a place next to you and go there to listen to a couple of their tracks on a great sound equipment! Come to the café, take out the smartphone, upload your playlist and queue up several tracks. If among the audience of the café there are people who will support your tracks with votes and put them in priority-won’t you visit this café regularly? Also, it works, as you understand, and with other visitors. With the same music in every café, bar, restaurant-let all the institutions will be different, to their audience!

ICO details
MZG is the main token of the ERC20 standard platform and is based on Ethereum. will be used as a utility token of the platform. In fact, the customers of the institution will spend tokens to order songs, voting, etc. hosts can use tokens as incentive visits (for example, to define special days or hours, where in addition to the order will be accrued and MZG). or use to attract additional profits by simply exchanging them on exchanges.

A total of 1 billion MZG will be released and it will be distributed as follows:

50%-will go on sale with ICO project;
20%-will be spent on the company’s referral and bounty companies;
14%-will remain with the team;
11%-will provide conversion of MZI (the second project token);
5%-will go to the bonuses to the token holders. All the collected funds would be spent as follows: 45%-marketing;
35%-platform improvement and support;
5%-legal and financial expenses.

Soft Cap Project-100 million sold MZG, Hard Cap-498 million.
1 MZG will be at the end of sales equals 0.00032 ETH.

Conclusion :
Moozicore I would like to pay attention to the team of this project, namely the main investor. He is a well-known to many John Macafee. It is he who promotes this project, which, he said, will reach a hard cap. Therefore, according to John, everyone should contribute to the moozicore, do it or not, decide to you, but the project is really good. Thank you, good luck!!!

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