Moozicore – Transforms Background Music into an Interactive Customer-Sourced Playlists

Moozicore The blockchain is increasingly approaching many fields and the musical nature is not the exception. Moozicore is a non-centralized online music player application based on blockchain technology. There must be a lot of time when you go to parties, festivals or any recreational activities and you want some moments in the promenade that will play the music you love in the playlist of those occasions. And now that is entirely possible if you use Moozicore.

Today the world of music is very rich in choice and taste, and the taste of everyone as you understand different. Sometimes you want to let go of all the problems and listen to your favorite music to relax to drink a cup of coffee or fragrant tea and for this should be such places. Moozicore  In our society, there are very few such cafes or similar places where you can relax.

Moozicore is a revolutionary music service for places where music is needed for customers.
This app on your smartphone allows you to turn any place into a paradise of enjoyment of your favorite music. Coming to a café or other place of your leisure you just take out the smartphone, download your favorite music. If there are visitors in the café that will support your choice then the playlist would put your tracks in priority.

That’s how it works, a very interesting idea to diversify our holiday and monotony music in every café, restaurant and thus creating their audience.
And for the owners of such institutions will be a huge plus from moozicore, they will be able to attract visitors charging MZG tokens or order music for these coins.

Moozicore  is a new music platform that allows its users to be able to control more in the background music that they hear, Moozicore connects and contracting the music business owners to truly make up the influence of users. The current project supports applications for Android and iOS software. In most cases, the songs will be broadcast based on the electoral feature, which means we will be based on the number of votes to decide which song will be added to the queue, the next playlist. Users can also share experience on social networks by Moozicore.

Investors, as well as users, can buy Moozicoins (Mzi) directly from the Moozicore application on the phone via PayPal, Apple Pay (IOS device) or credit card. The Moozicoins (Mzi) have no deadlines and can be used anywhere with Moozicore as a player. On the Moozicore legal is fully licensed in full terms of copyright. With a simple easy-to-use design, the tracks are constantly updated on the heat, great features will help Moozicore be an extremely tremendous potential project in the future.

Token code:
Token name: Mzi
Payment accepted: ETH
1 ETH = 80000 Mzi
Hard lid: 1953 ETH
Soft lid: 300 ETH

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