Morpheus Network Simplifies and Automates the Logistics Needed for Any Complex

Morpheus Network Import export activities efficient and affecting the world economy. In running a business global supply are various inefficiencies such as large-scale flower delivery abroad can require hundreds of documents that confirms the interest of hygienic and free from insects, must be stamped and signed by many establishments. One little mistake on paper paper document may result in a delay in the process of import export. Morpheus network can remove the complexity of this process. The documentation can be shared by several institutions, put the recordings on blockchain allows real-time updates that can be seen, creating a saving of time and costs are significant, ensuring a strong level of trust. Networks Morpheus coping with global supply chain inefficiencies utilizing blockchain technology. Automation is achieved by utilizing Smart Contracts, pushing the supply chain with automated work contracts, shipping documents & customs have been determined, as well as international payments automatically.

Morpheus network can save you the cost of billions of dollars by reducing barriers in the supply chain that can increase GDP around the world. Morpheus network allows suppliers, manufacturers and exporters from around the world to accept their local currencies in over 200 countries around the world. Instead, purchase the importer may submit their own currencies to finance the purchase in other countries. Morpheus is a network platform that is designed to transfer money to more than 1600 banks internationally, using the latest blockchain technology replaces traditional bank transfers are expensive, slow, without any guarantee. For example, China is currently the main currency corridor are the most expensive, according to the World Bank, with the average cost of delivery of $1,000.00 (£700.00) from the United Kingdom to China which reach US $98.00 (£68.60) or 9.8%. Compare this with the cost of a small Network of Morpheus 1.5%.

Simplifies and automates the Morpheus network logistics for any international shipping companies or individuals, increase the trust of importer or buyer. Based on smart contract, with payment in advance, these funds will only be available to the exporter after the completion of the purpose of the smart contract. Complete trust in the seller is achieved because all purpose in smart contract must be completed before releasing the funds automatically to merchants.

Morpheus networks include the necessary data transfer using the drain, or RFID Walton, or even a Ripple transactions integrated into smart contract. Morpheus network using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further optimize the supply chain by collecting a large number of logistics data from blockchain. This allows the container shipping port was planned and directed first and as needed based on global traffic, the port delays, weather and many factors and other data sources. AI is also used for preparing the compliance documentation for import, produced by a network of Morpheus, with estimated time of arrival is more accurate.

Morpheus networks utilizing the blockchain that provides a hybrid between public and blockchain model blockchain model. Blockchain networks Morpheus maintaining the privacy of user data, without consolidating power with one organization. The Consortium will be formed to the Morpheus network control access to blockchain and will be instrumental in keeping the blockchain in decentralization. Note the document at blockchain can only be accessed by authorized participants. Ownership documents and anonymous but secure access can be identified between partners that require verification. It can be widely shared and protected at the same time.

Why Networks Morpheus?
Blockchain-based services and other non-blockchain security and does not offer the same functionality in terms of international transfer associated with the import export industry. Many of the main functions of the network like Morpheus automate supply chains, smart payment escrow contract, integrating other blockchain technology, creation of documentation for automatic delivery, import export tutorial service. The network connects the Morpheus international transactions with the latest blockchain technology.

Network features Morpheus has a simple interface. Interact with the network with the purpose of revising or adding a smart contract in the supply chain is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. You can easily see the flow of funds and documentation in any transactions and also make use of network features Morpheus as escrow payment service and digitalized documents. It also comes with the permission settings that specify documents or objectiveness smart contract guarded her privacy, and may be shared with a shipping agent, customs broker and shipper of goods.

MORPHEUS Token Utility
The token “MORPH” power of the Morpheus Network. In tokennya is a utility-based “values”. The system Microsoft Dynamics ERP is integrated with network 365 SWIFT for international payments directly. Morpheus token can be obtained by converting from almost all fiat currencies, or more than 74 different crypto directly through the integration of our platforms and Shapeshift. The token gives users access to a network of Morpheus. Goals are important in smart’s contract from global supply chains is an international payment. Morpheus token value is based on the real time financial derivatives currency needed to complete the payment as a destination for smart contract. Our integration with Swift enables us to send payments directly to the bank accounts of more than 1600 bank globally in a particular currency is needed (fiat or cryptocurrency) by Smart Contract.

Payments are held in a network of Morpheus to a contract comes with documentation delivery confirmation and uploaded the loading or destination smart contract more. This feature enhances the security level for the purchase when dealing with new suppliers, as well as for suppliers who know that those funds are secure before the completion of the contract. All these payments, using Swift to send funds directly to more than 1,600 banks around the world in local currency, will automatically through Smart Contract.

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