MOZO – Bringing Foot Traffic Back Into The Physical Stores

MOZO – Greetings to all readers. In this article, I will make a brief overview of the project Mozo which currently hosts the ICO. Blockchain technology has just started its rapid development, but even at this stage has given many advantages to companies and projects that implemented and implemented it. Using the blockchain technology in your business model can significantly improve efficiency and provide benefits such as transparency, availability, high speed, and most importantly security. Using blockchain technology you can get solutions for many real problems in different industries and areas, and more companies, young startups, and projects are trying to introduce the technology of blockchain into the model of their business, one such is Company Mozo. Let us further elaborate on the company Mozo, the product that the team is developing, on the project team itself and the details of the ICO and the solution it offers.

About the company
The retail business market which has been operating through commercial premises has recently been steadily declining, increasingly conceding a part of the market to e-commerce companies. Mozo is a project that works in the retail business and combines it with the e-commerce market attracting pedestrian traffic to stores.
The company Mozo already has successfully implemented the project of the attraction of pedestrian traffic Smart Mozo, to which at the moment more than 38,000 outlets are connected. The Smart Mozo project was launched relatively recently, about two years ago. During this time the company has concluded contracts with Wanda e-Commerce Co., Ltd., (one of the largest Chinese trading center) for the implementation of Smart Mozo as an internal positioning system and a trading assistant application. The company has also signed a contract to use the consumer application Smart Mozo for 361 degrees International Co., Ltd., the leading Chinese brand of sportswear.

Experimental tests of software Smart Mozo version 1.0 (Mozo 1.0) were held in Wanda Mall in the city of Nanchang city, China, which covered 50 retail trademarks. The tests were attended by food and beverage stores for one month, and sportswear stores in two active physical outlets over a period of three months. The results showed that Mozo increased monthly income by about 20%.

Since then, Mozo Company has partnered with a number of major Komapanij: Wanda Group (Nanchang, China), Zhongshan dasin Pass Technology (Zhongshan, China), 361 degrees (Xiamen, China), Suntec City Mall (Singapore), Dongdaemun Commerce Group ( SEOUL, Korea), Tobesoft (Seoul, Korea), Alignment Ventures (Israel), Singulariteam (Israel), Gatecoin (Hong Kong), Crypto IB (Hong Kong).

Product and ICO
At the moment, the developers have updated the software to the version of Smart Mozo 2.1 (Mozo 2.1). The results of blockchain technology implementation will be Mozo version 3.0 (“Mozo 3.0”). Mozo 3.0 will be launched as an application in the global network blockchain Ethereum.
Mozo merged the Mozo app and IoT-sensors Bluetooth Low Energy “beacons”, which were installed on the ceilings of physical stores and smaller sensors, called “istickers” (“Markers”), which mark products and products. Mozo 1.0 allowed consumers to find information about the product, compare prices for goods online and offline, as well as buy in these stores using applications. In that version, the application served only as a payment mediator.

When implementing the blockchain technology in the ecosystem and application Mozo, the token can be bought or earned, and if you want to exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum. It can pay for the purchase, pay a part of the cost (get a discount), send to another user of the system.

Outlets connected to the system Mozo tokens will buy, and in the future, they reward consumers when fulfilling the conditions (whether buying or viewing a particular product) thereby getting more traffic and, accordingly, and Potential buyers. The owner of the institution, himself sets when, where and how many Mozo tokens will receive the visitor. Tokens will be accrued after the terms of the promotion, respectively, if the visitor fails to comply with the terms, the tokens will not be credited.

The aim of the Mozo project is to create a universal platform for the attraction of pedestrian traffic to physical stores, in which both sides of the party benefit.
Technical details of ICO Mozo:

 Sales of Mozo project tokens will take place in 2 stages. The first stage will be held now, the second will start in the 4th quarter of 2018.
 Token name-Mozo
 Total number of Mozo tokens: 5 billion
 Pre-Sale: 08.05-10.07.2018
 Public-Sale: 11.07-18.07.2018
 Token price at stage 1:1 Mozo = $0.09
 Number of tokens for sale on stage 1:700 million
 Token type-ERC20
 Platform-Ethereum
 Hardcap of the 1st stage-$42 million
 Payment-BTC, ETH
 2-stage of Token sales Mozo Q4 2018
 Number of tokens for sale at Stage 2:550 million
 Token price at Stage 2: $0.12
 Hardcap of the 2nd stage: $46 million

Mozo In the course of preliminary sales for two weeks, the Mozo tokens were sold for more than $26 million, which confirms the interest of investors in the product of the company Mozo. The project team does not stop on the achieved and plans to increase the number of outlets connected to the system from 36,000 to 300,000. Work is actively underway to conclude new partnerships.
My opinion is that the project with a good team which has no MPV, and a fully working product at least deserves a more detailed study. Get acquainted with the site can be on the link also anyone can test mobile applications for Android downloading them from the official site can be without Registration, below the download links you can see the data for the test entry for both the consumer and the trading point account.

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