MPCX a Blockchain Driven Decentralized Ecosystem to Manage Innovative Investors

MPCX – The newest technologies do not pledge to wait for the results, a few years ago, we could not think about the fact that the era of Krypto of currency is coming. Each sphere najskorìšimi pace penetrates our lives, today we’ll talk about a very interesting project called: MPCX.
This is a digital financial service that is managed by blockchain. The purpose of this platform is simple, to combine all Krypto-financial services in one place for easy access. MPCX designed in such a way as to meet the needs of managing the assets of individuals and subjects.
MPCX is a financial services platform based on the blockchain. The long-term goal is to combine all crypto financial services in one place. MPCX is designed to serve the needs of companies and individuals in the areas of digital asset management, exchange and trade cryptocurrencies, digital banking, cryptographic research and promotion ICO, as well as Kriptovaljutnogo Lending. In the short term, MPCX will create a decentralized ecosystem with blockchain to manage the crypto portfolios of innovative investors. Based on the current market situation with a huge demand for services and very limited financial management solutions, the company decided to create an MPCX platform to serve market opportunities. MPCX can leverage the competitive advantage of its employees and aggregate more than 45 years of founders ‘ experience in finance, asset management, and client relationship building, as well as offer unique products focused on Our clients.
How the system works
In the short term mpcx is to create:
 A decentralized ecosystem with a blockchain for the management of an innovative portfolio of assets of fastening assets. 
Given the current market situation with great demand and inventory of very limited solutions to financial management, 
 It was decided to create a platform MPCX to serve market opportunities.
MPCX has a significant competitive advantage in which the team and its founders have more than 45 years of experience in the field of finance. The gained experience and client relationships provide MPCX the opportunity to offer unique products adapted to their clients.
Platform MPCX will be developed in three phases:
January 2017 – December 2018 year: Digital income management platform.
December 2018-November 2019: The exchange of Cryptoalyta.
December 2019 – July 2020: Digital banking and managed Capital management platform.
Once the platform is completed, MPCX will offer the following services:
Digital Asset Management Services.
A number of unique fasteners, including Investment Cryptindex, the mandate of Digital Smart Investment mandate (DSIM), the cryptographic strategy of P2P, cryptography ETN and AI-Cryptomfund.
Analysis of ICO.
Exchange currency cryptocurrency for 100 best coins.
MPCX trade Terminal.
Fasttohranlyche and wallets.
Payment and certain banking solutions.
Loans Crypto P2P.
Advertising platform ICO MPCX.
-Services in the management of digital riches. This is the first service provided by the platform. Experienced and new investors will have access to high-quality digital Capital Management services. It is expected that management services give users the ability to control their portfolio. Thus, there is a solution for fastening purse, taking care of the safety of their digital richness.
-Unique fastening products. The platform is designed to give users access to a certain product of Cryptoalyta for a lighter and informed trade experience.
These products include:
 -Investment Cryptographic Index
-Strategies for cryptographic mapping with peers
-The tool is a Digital Smart Investment mandate, AI crypto funds, and crypto ETNs. The use of funds Pre-ICO is forty-nine percent of the fund involved in the pre-event ICO will be used for marketing, and nine percent will be used to pay legal fees and salaries. The developers will receive 22% of the proceeds, and the last 20% should go to the MVP. 

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