MPCX Digital Blockchain driven financial services platform

MPCX is a digital finance management platform. MPCX is designed to take into account the needs of clients in managing wealth and substances. That’s all you have to think about.
Digital forms of money changed many lives differently. This made it possible for the owners of fabulously to get rich, pay their rent, perhaps someone just uses the digital currency in everyday life. But unfortunately, most owners of digital currency take into account only Bitcoin or Ethereum.In any case, there are a few problems that these people face, including inattention to other digital currencies.
Various problems related to Kriptoresursov financial specialists include:
 The indecision of the budget funds for working with digital currencies  A long process of verification when creating a trading account in digital currency  Lack of information by the investor  Slow digitalization of the division associated with money these problems are Reason for the creation of MPCX.
What is MPCX?
It is a computerized budget administration that is managed by Blockchain. The goal of this project is simple to combine all the resources associated with cryptocurrency in one place for easy access. Given all the circumstances, MPCX is designed to take into account the needs of clients in financial management.
The project also covers digital money trading, exchange, cryptographic research, computerized account management, Kriptovoe lending and ICO promotion.
Anyway, each of these things can not be achieved overnight. Thus, the tipping point is to make a decentralized biological community based on Blockchain, which relies on the processing of Kriptoresursov imaginary financial professionals.
There is a huge interest in cash management mechanisms, but only limited demand. It is for this reason that MPCX was made to take care of this problem.
As indicated in the technical paper, the campaign will be conducted in three phases. It includes:
 Advanced Wealth Platform
 Digital money exchange
 Improved banking and regulated financial management The promotion of the main idea began in January 2017 and is believed to be completed in December 2018, when the second stage begins. Digital currency trading will begin in November 2019.  In December 2019, the final stage will come. As indicated in the technical paper, this phase should take seven months and will end in July 2020.
How MPCX Works

Upon completion of the promotion of these three stages MPCXwill offer customers the following services;
Computerized financial management Services both new and old customers will enjoy a high level of administration of their finances.
Accordingly, there is a cryptographic money purse to protect your digital finances.
The best product on the market, simply because giving customers access to any digital currency for simpler and more convenient transactions. These elements include; Investment cryptographic file, general credit encryption procedures, Digital Smart investment Mandate, AI crypto assets and crypto ETN.

Digital currency exchange stage also will offer the administration of digital currency trading, where customers will be able to buy and offer crypto. But at the beginning of this, the path only the main 100 types of digital currencies will be available.

Market Vision
Financial contributions for development will be introduced to save money, especially for students. In addition, experienced brokers will be admitted to the ICO study to reasonably stop their choice among all tokens. Each of the systems described above will manage the innovations in Blockchain. Moreover, since we are discussing Ethereum Blockchain, you can say that systems rely on smart contracts.

Why start trading with tokens?
The team behind MPCX expects to increase the reserve to see it need to develop the ICO. To do this, customers will be offered to purchase the tokens of the company MPCX under the name XDMC. These tokens will allow customers to take advantage of the project. In fact, the MPCX economy will rely on XDMC tokens.

These tokens will allow customers to take advantage of this platform. In fact, the MPCX economy will rely on XDMC tokens.
The initial sale of Ico tokens relies on various stages that start with the preliminary round of the ICO 07.05.2018 year and close 17.06.2018 year. XDMC tokens will be available on the waves platform.
Prior to the end of the ICO primary round, all Wave-based tokens rely on the fact that they will be replaced with XDMC tokens based on Ethereum.
Token XDMC token: XBMC
Platform: Waves Quantity: 999,950,416 XDMC Price: 1 ETH = 4.277 XBMC
Payment: BTC, ETH, LTC, Cash for waves

As the graphs above show, 60% of the total token amount must be used to start the primary token sales. This includes a preview of the ICO and headliner. Team and consultants 20 percent of tokens. 16% of the total number of XDMC tokens will be retained for further development, and the last 4 percent will be used to administer the surplus. The use of Pre ICO 49% funding will be used for advertising, and 9% will be used to settle legal fees and rates of payment. Developers will get a 22% profit, and the last 20% should go to MVP.

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