MultiCoin – Sole Medium of exchange on the Multiven Open Marketplace (MOM).

Multiven – The internet is a brilliant invention of mankind, which has given us many opportunities and it is difficult to imagine the present time without the “World Wide Web”. Modern technologies are born and implemented through the Internet. One such technology is the sensational technology of Blockchain.

Multiven  – This article will be about the company Multiven, which has 13 years of experience in the field of high technology and is a dominant and independent provider of software and cybersecurity for all types of devices that use on the Internet. An interesting fact is that for 9 years the company competed with one of the dominant manufacturers (Cisco-monopolized the entire market, allowing to implement cyber Internet equipment). As a result, in 2012, after testing, Multiven was recognized as the market leader and remains the same today, working with more than 1.5 million Internet-connected network devices. Currently, Multiven is a decentralized specialized organization in the world that guarantees the security of digital programming for all gadgets that help the Internet Protocol (switches, servers, switches, firewalls, etc.) and are a worldwide network of internet infrastructure.

Multiven creates the world’s first market based on blockchain technology, which allows trading using smart contracts and the single currency Multicoin (MTS).
In other words, Multiven Open Marketplace will present the market of IT-products
and services.
This project is supported by the real organization Multiven, founded in 2005, which is currently financially independent and has a stable revenue. The decisions and experiences that this organization provides have provided a powerful breakthrough.

The main objective of the project:
The main task is to simplify the current protection system by replacing costly equipment and intermediaries, as well as protecting the network nodes of blockchain technology from cyber. To do this, the developers decided to place their network in space, using nodes DTN. Disrupt Tolerant Networking is a network designed for the interaction of planetary connection or use in extreme terrestrial conditions. It’s a whole new approach to cyber. DTN can host multiple nodes of different versions of Blockchain.

Features of the Multiven platform
 Multiven Pearl-Multi-user maintenance of hardware and software for all Internet-connected devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, servers, etc.
 Multiven Pearl Guard-the system product cyber kills cyber and restores the affected benefits within 24 hours.
 Multiven Open Marketplace-for the first time in the market Blockchain on the open market for new, used and removed from the production of computer network equipment, software and services are running tokens multicoin.
Multiven Oyster-Multi-functional software for computers and network hardware and software, a collaboration and mapping application.
 Multiven Business Model Transition Post ICO

Token Name: Multiven token
Token symbol: MTS Platform: Ethereum
Total supply: 4 000 000 000
Softcap: 10 000 000 EUR
Hard cap: 100 000 000 EUR
Token sales: 01.06.2018-09.10.2018
Price: 1 MTS = 0.5 EUR
Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH

The team of Multiven and all its employees work for the benefit of the corporation and find a way out of any situation. They are always in touch and do not overlook the slightest detail.
All prototypes developed by the Multiven development team are public and anyone can test the system.
The Multiven team also participates in all possible crypto and blockchain forums, concluding contracts with global partners.

Multiven can simplify and reduce the costs of computer and network hardware, software and Kiberzashhitu Internet devices.

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