Mycro – The Time and Money Equalizer

MyCro – Do not be afraid and do not worry about investing in cryptocurrency, because now there are interesting and innovative projects, namely Mycro
JOBS Mycro is a mobile application that is easy to use. Simple work in the short term can be placed on the Mycro network free of charge. With the help of intelligent algorithms and independent learning, which are known on the platform of countermeasures, mycro timely approaches these tasks with the right applicants. He does the job. One person gets time, more money.
With Mycro you can post your work needs with a beautiful Micro Design app, they’ll quickly connect with community members who can help you. Or for you looking for a job that wants to do this, Mycro can connect you and your service provider. It’s like a new brilliant idea.
Time binds us all, regardless of our social background or rank. Limited time. We can not return or prolong the time. Our vision is to realize this right. 
Mycro provides many jobs, such as:
Home services: (gardening, cleaning, cleaning, declaring, minor repairs, window cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, etc.) Delivery service: (shopping, driving, transport services, etc.) Virtual Services: (Internet research, travel planning, help desk, administrative work, online surveys, etc.)

Qualified service: (tutoring, photography, work modeling, piano lessons, computer settings, TV set, DJs, waitresses, Internet connection settings, etc.) MyCro Our vision to protect the lives of the most valuable gifts, do not Offer people no view of our origins or social rank. Limited time. Limited time. We can not take or prolong the time. Our mission to give everyone access to these opportunities does not matter whether they originate from a village in Vietnam, a suburb of Berlin or in midtown Manhattan.
During ICO, no more than 100 000 000 MYO will be created. Softbank will be reached at the level of 3.5 million euros.

ICO Details:
Symbol: MYO
Softcap: €
3.5 million Hardcap: €14 million
Token delivery: 100 000 000 MYO
Private sale: 26 000 000 MYO
Main sales: 40 000 000 MYO
BL Blockchainchain: ERK20 Specifications
Method of participation: ETH
The launch of ICO: Q4/2018

Token distribution
Total of MYO: 100 000 000
Private sale: (26%)
Pre-sale/main sale: (40%)
Bonus pool for users: (12%)
Bounty Program: (5%)
Bonuses and advisers: (8%)
Team and Founders: (9%)

WhitePaper :
My Profile:;u=1324582
My Ethereum Address:

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