MYTC– More than 5 million SME are exchanging/exchanging around the world, but there are no platforms that these companies can swap and exchange together around the world.
The current members of Exchange/exchange transactions have limited access to members of other platforms and are overloaded and controlled through books, securities focused. The value of the dollar trade discounts. They can deal with each other due to their limitations. The problem is that companies, especially small businesses, can only communicate with members they know and with the nearest members.

MYTC has plans to create a scattered platform that allows all small and medium enterprises to use mutual currencies to exchange each other. MYTC strives to help deal with transactions/transactions, focusing on cash and daily revenues. We will not obstruct your business, but we will help you improve your business using digital cash to enhance technology in the blocking chain.

The seller
Expanding Your Vision
There is no limit and all companies can interact with each other, from small to large, without intermediate/company.
Under exchange rate
Enjoy very low exchange rates compared to existing platforms. Current transactions must incur commissions from 5% to 6% per transaction. Our platform only provides a rate of 0.5%-1% per transaction.
Get New Clients
Get new contacts by opening new markets with other members of other platforms. New clients in the My Trade Token community can earn more money than they can earn to increase profits.
Improve Cashflow
My trade Token adds another dimension to your business by freely accepting packages/commercial dollars to attract new customers and increase revenues. You will have more money to run, expand and invest in your business.
Movement of Excess Inventory
My trading code is the easiest way to sell surplus or slow stocks without a big discount. If your company is undergoing seasonal markets, Exchange/Trade provides a professional way to use inventory in a regular manner.
Cash conversion
You can resell shares or inventory purchased from other companies by changing them with your money. This will improve the cash flow and profit.
Back up your investments.
Use digital token compatible with millions of users and suppliers around the world.
Applied classification
It allows the Member States to negotiate locally, nationally and internationally in non-cash, ensuring that all cash transactions are transparent and safe. Back

Expanding options
Payment of goods and services in different currencies are available for many sellers and users around the world.

Risk Management
If you have a MYTC card, you can purchase products, services and real estate supported by members and the MYTC ecosystem users. The MYTC code will prevent inflation and expansion.
Utilize the latest benefits offered by domestic, national and global business members.
Welcome to the new platform.
Expand your options by integrating your new platform without having trouble. When you add new ecosystems, you can interact with new and prosperous providers that you can’t access earlier.
The new payment options for getting MYTC payments for the services and tasks are completed.
MYTC is designed to connect small businesses around the world and allow them to interact with each other.

The MYTC Merchant offers products and services through the MYTC platform.
Buyers (merchants and other communities) can purchase these goods and services and use the MYTC token to pay for the seller.
Merchants can store or send cards to other merchants in the Eym ecosystem.
Members can access their mail anywhere in the world and exchange them with anyone in the world.
The community has access to merchants/companies offering products and services that offer transparent transactions for the sale of products and services. When technology and products are delivered to the community, potential fraud and reliable transactions will be reduced.

Create a welcome message to create a MYTC notification code event.We are the ones who change the game for small and medium enterprises around the globe. More than 100 million small businesses worldwide:

More than 10 billion dollars a year
Currently, other coding alerts cannot be paid for goods and services daily.
A token is compatible with participating merchants and dollars in negotiation/exchanges.
Development of general products and platforms by the end of 2018
This card will appear in major trading floors around the world.
Tetra transaction is used by transaction services and real estate implementation
The goal for TGE reserves is the 1,500 ETH and a maximum limit of 5,000 ETH. If you would like to participate in preliminary proposals, please register on our website ( to receive notifications and updates on sales schedules and main projects.

As the number of token in the TGE is limited, you will not be able to provide a card with the same price and bonus if you reach the maximum limit.

Start Date: August 1, 2018, 12:00 (GMT)
Time: 31 days
Soft lid: 1,500 ETH
Hardcover: 5.000 ETH
Price: 1 ETH = 10000 MYTC
Payment Method: ETH
Minimum buying transaction: 0.1 ETH
General offers the token: 50 million MYTC

The event-generating token will continue to be used as the basis for the development and application of ecosystems and the MYTC platform.
Start Date: September 1, 2018, 12:00 (GTM)
Request time: 30 days
Soft lid: 3,500 ETH
Hardcover: 17,800 ETH
Payment Method: ETH
Minimum buying transaction: 0.1 ETH
Total Tags: 122 million dollars


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