MYWISH-Blockchain & Smart Contracts are changing the world

MYWISH is the new thing on the market, and the project itself has a very important issue. It is a fact that the Lastwish project allows the management of currencies automatic crypto for people who are in different life situations. This project uses the MYWISH platform that works with smart contracts, and through them, from the template library, make new contracts and formulate it so tailored to the individual and their specific situation.

The team leader is Vladimir Tikhomirov. Of course, with the help of their professional team, their partners, the developer of the chain block, chain experts, marketing experts, and many other blocks, Vladimir managed to unite many professional people who have made a large project together.
Blockade gives security and transparency for every owner of a crypto assets. In addition to the owner of the wallet, there is nothing to withdraw funds. This is clearly an advantage, but in the case of unexpected circumstances with the owner of the wallet it would be a weakness. Because no relatives can have access to the missing family savings. MYWISH is a platform that will help to restore all the funds in case of unforeseen circumstances.
According to statistics collected, owner of currency crypto died every 13 minutes. Don’t forget that from 16 million generated by the BTC, no more access to 4 million of BTC. So as we see, the problem is truly global and must be solved. The project MYWISH has developed a special platform which can guarantee the transfer funds to relatives.

The solution from MYWISH platform
will be made possible through the use of technology, as well as intelligent systems contract joule developed specifically. This is a system that is totally innovative for launching smart contracts. MYWISH platform can also be used to transfer the inheritance, gifts for birthdays, or redistribution of property based on a contract of marriage. Platform MYWISH will work with the following crypto currency — BTC, ETH, LTC.
Separately, it is worth mentioning about theMYWISH development team. This is a true professional who has gained vast experience in the development and launch of a major project. They have a good relationship and friendship with major companies. A large number of people use their projects every day.

Wallet Tokens is not a bank account and they are governed by the regulation of digital media: in accordance with the Act, individuals can leave instructions for intellectual property and their digital media in case of death.

For most people, email, music, photos, Facebook account and Instagram will form the majority of our digital heritage; But if your account is locked, the problem of the diversion of the token to friends or our friends in case of death or serious injury do not have an easy solution.

Let’s consider how family members can receive the token. Bitcoin wallet if it is left “open” and if family members are aware of it, they can transfer money with just a few clicks away. However, this works only in the case of a family that is aware of its existence. Spouse or brother may check the smartphone or computer to get valuable data, but very few people will seek dompet bitcoin. What’s more, the wallet bitcoin can be anywhere. In addition, a password that allows direct access to valuable information such as wallet bitcoin should not be stored in the will, but that does not mean that this cannot be done indirectly. Passwords can be stored in a safe place, while a will can be used to convey the instruction.
Mission Statement
Our mission: provide service management of the wallet in case of different events, in a way that is safe and comfortable.
To fund the initial employees, the cost of design, development of the legal merger & and other necessary expenses, MYWISH will do the pre-ICO limited on 3 August 2017.
Pre-order the ICO MYWISH take place until 17 August 2017 with a hard Cap 1500 ETH.
Bonus pre-ICO
Investors in pre-ICO MYWISH enjoy a bonus of 100% of the price of the ICO. For example, the purchase of one million WILs during pre-ICO MYWISH give 2 million investors WILs. During the pre-ICO PRLs evidence MYWISH be issued. Before ICO all PRL MYWISH be converted to WILs (1 PRL = 1 WIL).
Bonus ICO
ICO also provides bonus program:
Get a 30% discount for 20% of the total of the first token
Get a 20% discount for 20% of the total the second token
Get a 10% discount for 20% of total third token
All other tokens (16%) will be sold without discount
Finally, the distribution of Tokens MYWISH be as follows:
Bounty program participants: 2% token
Team: 16% token
Pre-ICO: 2 – 6% token
ICO: 76 – 80% token


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