Nano Health Care Incentivising Users to be Fit and Healthy

Nanohealthcare – Hello, today I would like to introduce you to the Nano healthcare Token project. Please read this article carefully for more information.
Nanohealthcare Token (NHCT) is based on medical blockchain ecosystems that have introduced the concept of Total Wellness. Our ecosystem connects users, healthcare and health service providers and insurance companies to provide more effective and efficient medical personalization services.
Ecosystem Usability NHCT
The Nanohealth project relies on experience in determining the usefulness of the ecosystem.
Claim handling-insurance companies can access user data to expedite insurance claims. Claim processing is the U.S. 59 billion dollar industry. You can reduce the time it takes to process these claims. Insurance companies pay at NHCT each time they access user data for billing processing.
Reduced insurance claims-special rewards programs can be operated by insurance companies for NHCT ecosystem users for health insurance and health promotion. These rewards programs help reduce the number of claims.
Custom planning-by accessing user-generated data, insurance companies can predict the future needs of customers and develop personalized insurance products.
2.Research and clinical trials
Health information exchange-researchers, colleges and pharmaceutical companies may purchase anonymized health data from users for a fee. Data can only be purchased as an NHCT token. This form of data exchange will be facilitated through the platform. The importance of identified health data for research results cannot be underestimated and forms the core of research into health solutions.
Royalty-Given the proven performance of PGHD acquisition, researchers are committed to using proven data to develop commercially viable patents and to pay for the “NHCT patent fee” in the ecosystem. NHCT is the only ecosystem that provides proven termination data.
3.Service Market
Health and welfare services market-we are building a global ecosystem of health and wellness, goods and service providers. Use NHCT to connect these providers to your network. They will have a ready market for their goods and services in return.
4.Third-party applications
In subsequent stages of development, we will provide an open access API for healthcare and application partnerships. The selection of NHCT is then publicly available through this API and partners can enhance and/or integrate existing applications. This will encourage a third-party developer ecosystem for NHCT.
An insurer will be an example of an external subject in this ecosystem. Insurers must pay funds to the ecosystem to distribute their products. The NHCT ecosystem will target customers at no cost if the insurance companies are able to provide benefits or savings to their customers. Users can get personalized insurance without having to pay for the deployment, which lowers the cost of insurance.
In contrast, application developers can integrate existing applications and provide a working environment for their applications. Ecosystems offer captive markets for new applications or integrated applications.
5.Medical tourism
NHCT is a global ecosystem of healthcare and wellness service providers and users, so it automatically removes intermediaries in the medical tourism industry. The user can connect directly with the relevant doctor and make better travel plans based on the treatment. This will save you up to 30% on your treatment costs.
Technology architecture
Hybrid Storage Management architecture based on data partitioning using IPFS, DDMS, and Blockchain native storage.
Why Nanohealth?
1. Own health
Treatment and nursing are not passively received by anyone! The integrated solutions we currently focus on health coaching because it plays an important role in determining the health of the patient and your journey toward a healthier life
2. Reduce emergency situations.
We reduce emergencies and cases of hospitalization by preventing or delaying the onset of chronic diseases and their risk symptoms.
3. Optimize healthcare costs
Our proactive treatment model provides the opportunity to tier individual health based on predictive algorithms, intervene early, and continuously manage chronic diseases to reduce long-term health costs.
4. Early death prevention
Many free causes an infectious disease deaths about two out of three people worldwide. His early death can be prevented by means of the proper diagnosis, control and effective management of the health of the patient itself.
5. Community Health Care
Improve productivity and reduce costs by transferring healthcare from a hospital environment to a community-based environment with our experienced medical coaches and integrated technology.
6. Empowering Women
Nanohealth is proud to be the role of Health coach for women. Women are trained to be caregivers, mentors, and wellness counselors who care for the community.
General Information
Token Name: Nanohealthcare token
Token type: ERC20
Symbol: NHCT
Fundraising goal: $1 million (soft hat)/$9 million (solid hat)
Total tokens: 1 billion NHCT
Base price: 1NHCT = 0.032 Dollar
Token sale Available: 35% of Total tokens

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