Nauticus Payments and eCommerce Solutions Utilizing Blockchain Technology

Nauticus Coin (NTS) is token utilities and instead digital currency, security, commodity, or hymen different monetary instruments and are not listed under security laws anything in between the Commonwealth of Australia or another jurisdiction. Nauticus token not limited against any investment.

Nauticus Coin does not mean can be purchased or used in any jurisdiction the sale or utilization of digital token is included can be prohibited. NTS is not Add the different rights in any form with the relevance of Nauticus, with but not limited towards ownership, distribution, redemption, liquidation, ownership, or monetary or legal rights are different.

Nauticus Coin rather than a monetary product. not in any approach or some sort of managed investment themes or monetary means, including not the stock proposal. but this is the stuff that is contrived for the benefit of the trading community and retail. NTS is only one way to run the transaction and that includes opening the piece further price cuts at the Nauticus platform. they should not register for different things come from natural depression assumptions. This often becomes a coin for 6 innovative solutions, intended for all type of users, derived from the people to the company, and every level of the State.

Nauticusplatform including ready right banking secure crypto, economical and safe. Payment and eCommerce solution make use of blockchain technology, supported by Nautics Coin. Crypto Nauticus and currency exchanges as long as the decree is being developed and these can be opened against mid-2018. It can change a hundred cryptocurrency as the rollout, and more come from among three hundred twelve months with the Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Nauticus Coin, and many others. Nauticus users can receive discounted rates to cost five hundred trade-ins the. early, which can spur the adoption of coins and support price.

Nauticus vision is to make international banking, eCommerce, and security solutions that can be used, the economy and the property supports innovative blockchain technology.
Nauticus Early Coins offer is the first way in the company vision that dares to six global banking and eCommerce solutions that take advantage of the technology of blockchain. Supporters can take advantage of the can and ICO trade Coins Nauticusthem with direct exchange of currencies and fiat Nauticus. The Nauticus Exchange in the final step of development and can be opened against mid-2018. When opened can offer 100 crypto and six fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD, and ZAR) Nauticus including build Center blockchain continuous mining that can Add income, and adequate server capacity for great ensure fast processing for all users means of Nauticus. This Center can make use of the renewable resource. Profits can be invested again in an effort to support the development of eCommerce market with cheap, with merchants and payment options of peer-to-peer. This new platform can be supported by the Nauticus Coin Exchange, applications, mobile, and wallet.

Nauticus Coin (NTS) six underlying our banking and business solutions, creating an exchange medium that is outrageously safe between users. Users can take advantage of the coin can be directly after the period of the ICO in Exchange for taking over the Nauticus’s advantage comes from low-cost or free trade.

There is a limited supply of 2.5 billion Nauticus Coins with 80% being sold to end users. The token is not sold or not allocation can be destroyed after a period of ICO to maximize value for the supporters. See the white paper for more info.
NTS Token
Ethereum Platform
Type ERC20
Price 1 preICO NTS = 0.00001 BTC
Rates on ICO 1 NTS = 0.00001 BTC
Pre-sale BONUS 30%
Tokens are sold 2 billion

Start date:
18/03/2018 00:00 GMT
Terms of sale in a few days:
62 days
The End Of ICO:
18/05/2018 00:00 GMT
The Price Of The Nauticus Coin:
0.00001 BTC each
Total token supply for:
NTS 2.5 billion
The early completion of the ICO:
When sold out
Smart Contracts:
audited by ambisafe
The adjusted emissions:
The total supply of the NTS will be burned upon the public token ratio, ensuring a reasonable value for contributors
The provided token post-ICO:
Soft hats:
8,000,000.00 USD
ICO Targets:
68,000,000.00 USD
Hard cap:
88,000,000.00 USD

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