Nebula Exchange – Benefits of the Nebula Exchange project is a lever system. In Nebula Exchange, users will be able to trade with leverage up to 1:10. In other words, the project offers ample opportunities for traders who have grown on forex. Accounts in Nebula Exchange are versatile – customers can use the same purse for a multitude of exchange transactions, including trading using borrowed funds.
Demo. The team provides a unique demonstration project in which we can observe graphics from Tradingview and much more.
-Fiat Trading. Nebula developers promise to create conditions for trading fiat currencies (in particular, EUR and USD). In this case, the deposit options will be quite safe, and the procedure KYC simplified.
Purse. The Nebula Exchange Project offers a purse with the ability to make multiple signatures. The purse will include all the features characteristic of such technology.
Numismatics. The final list of currencies with which the Nebula project will cooperate (judging by the site, at least 52) is still unknown.  There is already information that many coins will be available in the exchange, which is very seldom available on other exchanges. It certainly characterizes the project on the best side.
-Nominal parameters. Each trader can take part in the voting and give and evaluate a particular project. According to the assurances of the project representatives, it will be similar to the tools of evaluation from Amazon. So, all kinds of scammers, projects without content, will have a weak rating, which will help newcomers and even already professional traders in the world cryptocurrency to make certain conclusions about a particular project.
-Mobile apps. Already this year the Nebula team will launch mobile applications (Android and IOS devices). Users will be able to fully trade on the stock exchange even while sitting in the transport!

The most important component of the Nebula platform is a high level of security. The system will involve complicated encrypted cold storage, users will be reliably protected from burglaries and thefts.

It is also known that projects with the highest ratings of Nebula will be free to advertise on their main pages.
The document has a lot of information about the brightest representatives of the project team, but there are no links to social networks on the Web page.
The founder of the project, Vincent Jacques, a successful investor and businessman. He was a strategic advisor in BCG for 2 years. As a student, he developed a virtual platform for trading.
Social networks
The project is still young enough, but gradually gaining popularity in the main channels of public relations. To date (June 17) in telegrams – 2830 subscribers, Instagram – 1501, Twitter – reads 6147 users, Facebook – 1930. There are only 4 participants in the official LinkedIn project group. The team does not think about popularity in Bitcointalk-now the official profile, representing the campaign bounty, the level is only Jr. Member, although the profile is registered on April 4.
Road Map
In the document, you can find a short but informative roadmap. The project was officially presented in the 4th quarter of last year. Already in the 1st quarter, a new project site was presented, the team announced the completion of the platform development – the beta version was officially presented. In the second quarter, the team was actively engaged in the implementation of ICO. The Nesc tokens listing is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of the year. The project has set up interaction with jefiriumom in the second quarter, and the exchange with Bitcoin will be available only in the third. Also in the 3rd quarter will be held a listing of secret tokens. At the end of the year, it is planned to present an application for Android.
Nebula Exchange – Despite the small marketing underdevelopment of the project, the site and documentation look decent and have a good potential for successful entry into the world market. The most important thing the team already has a  product, there is something that really shows the investors. Interest in the project is rapidly gaining momentum, and its elevated level of security, declared by the team of its creators, is heated.

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