Nebula Exchange The One of The First Exchanges to Allow the Trading of Security Tokens

Nebula Exchange – Today we present the project Nebula Exchange-This is how these guys position themselves, the trading platform of the new generation. Why the project deserves our attention because there are so many platforms? Let’s try to understand the key features of the project.
So, the first thing that is remembered-the project introduces special security tokens, and the ability to trade them. Generally, all platform work is strongly imprisoned on safety in all respects.

The system has an opportunity to speak about different token systems, the project introduced Nebula 5-star review system into circulation.
One of the most important parts of the project is the presence of a really progressive system of reputation. To raise your reputation, you have to earn reputation points (RP). The more these points, the more opportunities are opened in front of you, and you can earn them on attracting new users, helping the community and writing competent and interesting reviews.
What is important-the system multicurrency, by the end of the year will be available a lot of options for buying or selling a token system on favorable terms? The team guarantees the creation of convenient conditions for margin trading.

But, perhaps, the main and defining feature of the project can be called the fact that Nebula Exchange is already a real working project. Anyone can at the moment try themselves in the role of crypto and will be pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of this network. I would like to note that at the moment the platform has a steady growth of interest and, most likely, in the coming months the process will only accelerate.

Soft-cap Project-500 this. and the upper bar of fees – 20 mln. Usd. The United States. The price during the sales period is 40 cents per token (the name of the currency is Nesc). You can buy for ETH. The project offers a very convenient system of referrals that cannot but please.
How distribute all tokens?

— 65% share of private sales;
-20% share of team and project advisors;
-10% was sold on private Presejle;
-5% Pool Airdrop and bounty.
How will the collected funds be distributed?

-50% of the collected funds will be spent on Dlnejshuju product development and operating expenses;
-15% pool of legal expenses;
-10% share of marketing and promotion;
-25% will be spent on the rapid development of the team.

Distribution of funds:
— The most money (45%) allocated to articles;
— 7.5% is allocated on the schedule;
-30% support pool of the project in YouTube;
-5% allocated for security testing;
— 7.5% pool of translators;
-The remaining 5% will go to the bonus.

On the page is available registration, the design of the site is very simple. While the site is only available in English, although the switch language button designers have already prepared. At the very bottom of the page, there is a link to the “Terms and Conditions” page, where all the legal details of the project are written in detail. If you believe the data from the site, the project has legal registration in the center of Paris.

Whitepaper :
The document is relatively short (16 pages), but quite informative. So far, like the site, is only available in English. Here are a lot of flowcharts and graphs, the document has all the necessary minimum to understand the essence of the project, roadmap, information about the members of the team, and, most importantly, the details of the sales.

Conclusion :
Nebula Exchange – The project has every chance of a great success. The team has made a major emphasis on the product, but the management is a little However, this is usually the case when talented and experienced developers take over the leadership. Judging by the charts of distribution of the collected funds, in the near future the team will be very actively expanding, and, first of all, in the direction of management.

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