NetworkUnits By allowing gamers and service providers to participate in our unique mining process

NetworkUnits  – If you ever feel that your voice is not being heard or you can’t make a difference, by participating you will be making revolutionary changes.
We are not dealing with a little bit of evolution except a revolution because the technology and methods that we use to implement our vision will become the basis for many new and exciting paths to ecological systems Blockchain.
Network Units is Controlled Blockchain Multiplayer platform for unity. It is more affordable, providing additional benefits and increased durability when compared with traditional frameworks and infrastructure.

Network Unit
Unit network is a way to decentralize multiplayer gaming and give developers an easy way to integrate multiplayer features. We will use the Ethereal blockchain and features smart contracts to create a platform that allows the owner of the hardware (the service provider) share bandwidth and CPU resource unused by developers that usually require their own servers. to generate the token. To do that the player can extract chips from the platform by connecting their portfolios to their gaming account to become active customers. Therefore, the units of the network have a unique data mining process with two very different way but interesting to extract the token.

Why multiplayer games?
The multiplayer aspect of the game by making the players longer. First person shooter in real-time normally has single and multiplayer modes, and added a multiplayer mode can increase the number of hours played on average up to a factor of 7.

The problem
Wasted computer resources.
Most of the computing power and bandwidth of the leased personal computers and servers is not used to its full potential. Plan server, require you to subscribe to plan higher than necessary, or computer-controlled owners who use it to surf the web, writing documents and occasional game from confectionery is an example the special function of multiplayer can be painful and costly to be integrated writing code your own network can be complicated and time consuming. Manage your own server can be just as complex and expensive. As a game developer, we understand that the more time you have to devote to the creative side of the game, the better. The incentive the players can be tough
Without the right incentives, players can quickly become bored with the game potentially overwhelming. Multiplayer integration would be useful, but that’s another incentive levels, especially with regard to revenue, it could go a step further. Unfortunately, this can be very expensive because of the features that developers should be mendanainya.
This is not a fair fight Players waiting for a fair match and it’s a great challenge. Unfortunately, most of them don’t get it. Cheating or breaking mechanism of twin screw up the entire community of gambling. Players become unmotivated, quit spending the full economic potential and the content of the game is missed.
Big games require large infrastructure
A limited infrastructure to launch the game could turn into a game of failure. Network latency or downtime kill gaming experience and optimize resource efficiency make game development is increasingly expensive. Loss of income and loss of reputation means a lot. Xmas DDOS attack 2014 Sony is a very famous example.

Our solutions
One of the problems mentioned above can be solved or corrected by the platform of the network unit.
Change trash into treasure
There are lots of processing power and bandwidth is unused, Network Unit intends to use it in a decentralized infrastructure controlled block used for multiplayer gaming are cost effective and reliable.
The Multiplayer function can be easier and cheaper to be integrated
With our easy-to-integrate, developer Unity Asset can be freed from writing code a complex network and infrastructure to manage it. This will be available in the Unity Asset Store, third-party market which is very popular for the Unity Engine.
Players can extract chips with play
Unique network unit because the verification process they gave awards to players who link their portfolios to their gaming account with tokens, since they help verify service providers. This not only helps to increase the number of active users, but can also attract new players in the game You are looking for new ways to extract the token and have fun in the process.

A reputation system
The framework of the network unit will include reputation system between the integrated platform. In this way, when you are a collaborative player in a game, chances are you’ll be linked with collaborative player in all of the games you play on the infrastructure of the NU.
Decentralized network unit
Because of platforms NU devolved matters, we can offer a more resilient solutions are supported by failover processing in case of disasters or intentional deviations. This ensures that the player is easily moved to a new provider so that their game could continue without interruption.

Technical characteristics
Masternodes/Service Providers
Masternodes will be required to provide a pile and run the host application. The host application it will cater to the query based on the framework of our multiplayer. Masternodes can serve as a relay to host other masternode and took over as the new host if a failure occurred. Masternodes will also be responsible for verification of co-workers. Customers (players with a wallet connected) will also be verified that they actually provide their resources.

Gamer/Active Subscribers
Active subscribers are players that connect their portfolios with their game with multiplayer framework using NU. This allows them to participate in our background verification process. This not only makes the infrastructure more robust and more reliable, but active customers can obtain your token to participate in this process.

Proof of service
Masternode Audit/Service Provider
Online verification is requested at a node by some random node verification will try a small network function by application service providers installed on the node. Mismatch or the result of a timeout on the termination node verification using our Intelligent Agreement. This is triggered by application service providers.
Not only reputation was affected, but the settings Node (NU Tokens) can also be affected. In the case of cheques where the result is negative (where the result is not the same as the majority), the player will be penalized because of a bet and his reputation. If the results are positive (most node checks with the same result), the node will receive reputation and in some cases token NU.

Summarizes the
The verification is performed randomly between nodes or on request
Some of the nodes involved in the verification process
Reputation could be affected by the verifier and the applicant verification
Positive reputation affected by duration without complaint (positive) with complaints and negative (negative)
Time waiting, dishonesty and bad knots rely on negative reputation.

Verification of active clients
Active subscribers are players that connect their portfolios with their gaming account. This is done through our dashboard and not the games themselves to avoid potential problems in the gaming market. This game will give you a unique code which can be sent to users of smart contracts in order to be rewarded. In the background, the client will add another layer of verification that works very similar to the peer verification described above.

With infrastructure
Strict verification policy
Increased reliability
The host application
Game Developer

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens

Presale begins on December 23, 2017
Presale ends on January 21, 2018
NAME: Network Units SYMBOL: NU PRIX JETON: 1 ET = 500 G SUITE TOKEN: ERR20 ALIMENTATION TOTALE À vendre: 15 817 083 NU Hard Cap: 16 666 minimum Cap: 3333 ETH ETH

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